Upcoming Patch: December 14th - Introducing Server Transfers

  • Greeting Adventurers,

    Our next patch will be at 12:00 am PST on December 14th!

    Remember to keep an eye out for the in-game message for when the servers will be closed for update!

    Patch Notes:

    Continue to Fortify Defense

    In upcoming builds, we plan to continue to buff defense facilities such as the Spell Tower, to give the defending players/houses more advantage over the attacking party in combat.

    Adjusted Elemental Tower attack to beam/ray attack. Once the Spell Tower aims at its target, its attack will 100% hit it. This will greatly increase the hit percentage and strengthen the defensive ability for Elemental Tower. This will prevent players from being able to unfairly dodge it.

    We will also reduce the crafting cost for Spell Tower Ammo. For the same amount of crafting cost, you will be able to produce triple the amount of ammo after this patch.

    This patch will be buffing the HPs for Door, Gates, and Manor structures as the below:

    Straw Door: 640 to 1280

    Wooden Door: 1720 to 3440

    Wooden Beast Gate: 6000 to 9000

    Giant Wooden Beast Gate: 12000 to 18000

    Stone Door: 3720 to 7440

    Stone Beast Gate: 12000 to 20000

    Giant Stone Beast Gate: 24000 to 40000

    Iron Door: 10000 to 20000

    Iron Beast Gate: 20000 to 30000

    Giant Iron Beast Gate: 40000 to 60000

    All Manor structures: 40% increase


    Gorgon’s artifact bow will be nerfed by disabling its ability to range-attack Spell Tower while the character is outside Spell Tower’s attack range. Iron structures and Manor structures will no longer take damage from Gorgon’s artifact bow. Only against, straw, wooden and stone structures.

    Giant Bufo Skill Optimization

    We’ve adjusted how you control tamed Giant Bufo’s swallowing ability. After you press MMB (Middle mouse button) to swallow the target, within a certain period, you can press MMB again to disgorge it. Swallowed targets with lighter weight will travel longer distance when disgorged from Bufo. This creates more possibility for Giant Bufo to combo with other tames.

    Server-Transfer: First Batch This patch will introduce server transfer and have it implemented for the below servers:

    Shard of Faith servers:




    The Sacred Path servers:

    Asia-Knight-1, Asia-Knight-2, Asia-Knight-3, Asia-Knight-4, Asia-Knight-5, Asia-Knight-6, Asia-Knight-7, Asia-Knight-8, Asia-Knight-9, Asia-Knight-10, Asia-Knight-11, Asia-Knight-12, Asia-Knight-13, Asia-Knight-14, Asia-Knight-15, Asia-Knight-16, Asia-Knight-17, Asia-Knight-18, Asia-Knight-37, Asia-Knight-38, Asia-Knight-39, Asia-Knight-40, Asia-Knight-41, Asia-Knight-42;

    EU-Knight-1, EU-Knight-2, EU-Knight-3, EU-Knight-4, EU-Knight-5, EU-Knight-6, EU-Knight-7, EU-Knight-8, EU-Knight-9,EU-Knight-10, EU-Knight-11, EU-Knight-12, EU-Knight-13, EU-Knight-14, EU-Knight-15, EU-Knight-16, EU-Knight-17, EU-Knight-18, EU-Knight-61, EU-Knight-62, EU-Knight-63;

    OC-Knight-4, OC-Knight-5, OC-Knight-6;

    US-Knight-1, US-Knight-2, US-Knight-3, US-Knight-4, US-Knight-5, US-Knight-6, US-Knight-7, US-Knight-8, US-Knight-9, US-Knight-10, US-Knight-11, US-Knight-12, US-Knight-13, US-Knight-14, US-Knight-15, US-Knight-16, US-Knight-17, US-Knight-18, US-Knight-58, US-Knight-59, US-Knight-60, US-Knight-61, US-Knight-62, US-Knight-63

    Via Soul Node, players from any one of the above servers (whether it being The Sacred Path server or Shard of Faith server) can transfer their characters to any one of the above servers (whether it being The Sacred Path server or Shard of Faith server) while keeping their character levels, and Knowledge progression, and Quest progression. You can also bring items with your character in your inventory (with the exception of Summoning Stone, Small Soul Suppression Stone, Soul Suppression Stone, and Shipyard, etc) However, while item transferability is available, we currently advise against transferring items as you might encounter item loss. We’ve done our tests with transferring items, and will continue to test to make sure item transfer is implemented as designed without bugs.

    Spanish Localization - Spanish localization will be implemented in this patch.

    Please take note that we are still working on making sure the Spanish localization is accurate. If you would like to contribute in proofreading, please feel free to review it here:


    Other Fixes Fix an issue where Treant is not correctly catalyzing plant growth in crop plots.

    Fix an issue where some ore nodes are visually invisible but substantially existent

    Fix an issue where you can not equip or unequip incarnation stone while you are accessing the facility inventory UI

    Quelle: https://steamcommunity.com/gam…etail/3417567691609302992