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    Patch 1.1.7


    • Added gallows decoration item, craftable from player inventory.
    • Fixed train tracks going into the ground when there is water nearby underneath the landscape.
    • Added valid checks to some UI functions to improve client performance on certain windows.
    • Clamped enemy item distance check to make it easier to place down the larger buildings.
    • Fixed server crash when saving invalid crafting queue items.
    • Increased gunshop vendor inventory size that was hiding a couple options at the bottom of the list.
    • Fixed blacksmith furnace not showing progress on breaking down the newer guns.
    • Fixed train track not recognizing connected tracks sometimes due to rotation.
    • Town Signs can now be deleted.
    • Windowed build parts no longer block traces, allowing players to sight out windows without seeing ownership information and not blocking iron sights/firing.
    • Fixed last fuel item staying in fuel slot while burning that would then later change the visual of a different item when dropped on top of it.
    • Made tool tip more opaque and shifted missing resource red text color. Hoping this helps overall readability and those who are colorblind.
    • Fixed server error spam caused by sounds trying to spawn on the server.
    • Added valid checks to AI spawn point and fish spawning volumes to remove errors from log.
    • Fixed reload issue where server did not have the ammo class loaded intermitently.
    • Updated horse follow distance to help prevent people losing horses that are following them.
    • Added extra perception removal check when perceived enemy is dead.
      Chat messages from blocked players no longer show in the chat window.

    VFX & Assets:

    • Updated Remington worn textures.
    • Fixed animation issue with SAA Buntline pistol.
    • Added 4 more color variations to horses available in the stable.
    • Increased defualt health for all prefab buildings (saved buildings may have old health values saved if damaged).

    Patch 1.1.6


    • Added Gunstore.
    • Fixed hotel to deduct money properly when a bed is purchased.
    • Fixed item duplication bug when moving a 0 stack.
    • Prevent less than zero split.
    • Fixed livestock to look for food even if thirsty.
    • Livestock will now search for food and water even if left in animal houses.
    • Fixed the bug that allowed players to build anything on water.
    • Fixed the migration of chickens between coops in the world regardless of distance.
    • Fixed dupe bug for resources in the blacksmith furnace.
    • Updated fort gate configuration to use a proper Z extent fixing placement difficulty.
    • Fixed crafting stations so that food spoils in their inventory properly to prevent exploiting them as storages.
    • Lowered ice melting rate.
    • Added radial option to delete train engines if the associated train station was already deleted.
    • Fixed the blacksmith forge ending up disconnected from the blacksmith building if the forge was replicated to the client before the building itself.
    • Prevent horses from entering navwalking which was making them fall through foundations or rocks if there was navigation underneath.
    • Changed the collision profiles on prefabs so horses collide with them properly.
    • Horses will no longer fall through build items when the server restarts due to spawn order.
    • Fixed vendor UI to support many items with a scroll box for weapon variations.

    VFX & Assets:

    • Fixed Map bugs (river alignment, cracks, rough terrain) on tiles 9,16 15,14 15,15 15,16 15,17 16,14 16,16 16,17 17,14 17,15.
    • Fixing landscape holes and material issues on tiles 9,20 9,21 10,20 10,21 11,20 11,21.
    • Added 4 wall hanging signs crafted in the carpentry bench.
    • Added 4 new colors to horse patterns available at stable.
    • Added silver to Gold Exchange Vendor.
    • Added attachment point to the end of the 45 degree foundations and ceilings so short railings can be placed.
    • Adjusted placement extents for safes to help with damage/support detection.
    • Added tons of weapon variations.
    • Changed bandit loot to drop worn version of weapons.


    • Adjusted blacksmith hammer hit sound volume and attenuation.

    Nochmal getestet, Sowohl schaden um Spieler als auch an Strukturen geht derzeit nicht. Wie sich das mit Schlafsäcken verhält weis ich nicht, jedoch solltest du beim einloggen eine Meldung bekommen wer dich getötet hat. Es gibt einige ausnahmen wo du keine Meldung bekommst, aber dafür benötige ich mehr Infos von dir. Wielange seit dem letzten einloggen? Bist du evtl. im Wasser gelegen beim Ausloggen ?

    Melde dich bitte im TS bei mir, sollte eigentlich eingestellt sein das kein Spieler einen anderen Spieler bzw dessen Struktur angreifen kann. Nach dem Crash vor knapp 2 Wochen hab ich alles getestet gehabt und war nicht möglich.

    Alpha 14:

    - Players can no longer gain a trespass score on government land. (This caused the endless heat levels bug.)

    - Gunslinger Tents are now sold for $200, down from $500.

    - Gunslinger Tents can now also be crafted for a similar price in Wood (2000) and Cotton (400).

    - Made the Gunslinger Tent placement hologram a bit more cooperative with vaulted ceilings.

    - Updated tent and bonfire collision at the bandit camps. (Bandits shouldn't shoot at you from inside the large tent anymore.)

    - The encumbered panting sound effect has been reduced to 25% volume.

    - Increased the value of Sticks, Fiber, Wood, and Stone by about 25%.

    - Increased Geode drop chances from the forest.

    - Reduced the level requirement for bone tools to 5, down from 10.

    - Reduced the level requirement for copper tools to 10, down from 20.

    - Reduced the level requirement for iron tools to 20, down from 30.

    - Reduced the level requirement for the Glass Window to 5, down from 15.

    - Reduced the level requirement for the Large Glass Window to 10, down from 25.

    - Fixed the Wooden Construction Hammer's upgrade speed, now set to 5 hits to upgrade, down from 10. This allows it to upgrade faster.

    - Construction hammers now round up when applying upgrade materials. (This removes that extra hit to add 1 resource at the end of some upgrades.)

    - Reduced experience required for each level by 25%.

    - Added the "/unstick" admin command to get broken players off of the president's chair, or other various objects. Only use this command if the chair does not have the person sitting in it or it will not work correctly.

    - Increased bandit respawn time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

    - NPCs no longer fail to notice characters that come within their sight range.

    - NPCs no longer turn blind when two or more characters are within their sight range.

    - NPCs no longer get upset about an enemy attacking them, making them much more capable of staying on your team after surviving a fight.

    - Decreased the maximum sprint and run speeds of mountable animals. They are now set between Alpha 12 and Alpha 13 speeds.

    - Prevented the loading screen from appearing when unnecessary while moving around the environment.

    - Doubled the capacity of the Stash. (You may have to pick up your old one to gain this space.)

    - The stash can no longer be placed in the air.

    - Log Doors can no longer be picked, making all doors un-pickable. (The silent break-ins just confused new players, while everyone else avoided the log tier.)

    - Bounties now properly work and select rewards.

    - Bounties now properly remove posts when collected.

    - Increased additive land flag guild tax to 10% per claim flag on PVE servers, up from 1% for each extra land flag placed. This will make buying up tons of land add up in taxes.

    - The un-claimable road to the white house now fully connects to Washington. This will help prevent a wall off of the whitehouse, as it will now require all of Washington to be walled off as well, which will really add up in land taxes to service all that land.

    - Added "groupTaxPerLandAdded" to the server settings. This adds extra tax that a group pays for owning more land.

    - Added "groupTaxPerLandLimit" to the server settings. This limits the extra tax that a group pays for owning more land.

    Patch 1.1.5

    • Fixed blacksmith interaction texts, fixed blacksmith disappearing sometimes.
    • Made Blacksmith character invulnerable.
    • Fixed Bank move. Made sure Bank is not colliding when moving.
    • Added stable where horses/donkeys can be purchased as well as other horse accessories.
    • Modified morality change to reflect damage dealt instead of flat 100 per hit.
    • Modified Steps to block stairway to heaven.
    • Limited step stack height to 5 stacks.
    • Extended build proximity checks up and down to block ability to build over other bases.
    • Chimneys can no longer be increased in height while players or AI are on top of them.
    • Adjusted horse fall damage.
    • Fixed issue with finished crafting items not being saved.
    • Fixed horse rubberbanding while riding.
    • Reimplemented protection against phasing through walls when they aren't loaded on client side yet.
    • Added walk mode to horses.
    • Triangle ceilings now need support to build past 2.
    • Fixed saddle not equipping on the horse if you have another horse highlighted.
    • Fixed highlighting a horse leading to incorrect information in the horse inventory widget.
    • Fixed brick triangle 45deg foundations/ceilings so they only take explosive damage.
    • Pillars can be placed under triangle ceilings and triangle deg45 ceilings now.
    • Fixed doors and other placeables being destroyable even when player is offline in ORR servers.
    • Fixed other brick building pieces that weren't set to explosive damage only.
    • Fixed blacksmith forge disconnecting or duplicating on server restart.
    • Added the ability to give water to livestock through radial menu.
    • Change animal houses to keep track of the death of their spawned animals to allow additional respawning.
    • Added new way of fixing stuck players, they will no longer move upwards.
    • Fixed players clipping into things they shouldn't to begin with.
    • Fixed horses stat based death prevention when servers are restarted.

    VFX & Assets:

    • Added inverted triangle walls to all building kits.
    • Fixed attaching walls to sloped triangle roofs so they can attach and align properly (triangle half walls can now be attached as well).
    • Changed cow water consumption rate.
    • Fixed floating rock on x09 y16.
    • Fixed rain/snow particles rendering inside buildings.
    • Fixed Brick triangle ceiling alignment.
    • Fixed first person bricklaying tools leveler orientation and position.
    • Made adjustments to horse jump animations.
    • Set Bricklaying Tools to two handed weapon.


    • Stopped the skeletal updates of a lot of meshes on the server.
    • Removed some character movement sweeps that were not necessary.


    • Adjusted blacksmith hammer hit sound.

    Alpha 13 Patch 1

    - Fixed the explosive amounts of loot coming from the forest. eg. Sticks

    - Healing effects are no longer resisted by PVE settings. (Repairs, Upgrades, etc...)

    - Geode loot glows purple, instead of red.

    - Loot glows no longer scale to enormous blinding sizes.

    - Restored the 40 player limit, back up from 32.

    - Lobby Menu properly refreshes on first Startup

    Softwipe hat geklappt wie es scheint. Nach der Charakter Erstellung spawnt man mit dem alten Level und Blueprints.

    Der Server muss im Serverbrowser neu zu den Favoriten hinzugefügt werden !

    P.s.: Die Banditen-Camps sind teilweise schön knackig und droppen so manch gutes Zeug :-)

    Durch die Einführung der Stationären Banditen Camps, die zum Teil in den vorhandenen Basen entstanden sind, werden wir um einen Wipe beim HEAT Server nicht drum herum kommen. Wenn möglich versuchen wir einen Softwipe durchzuführen, wenn es klappt sollte der Charakterlevel und die gelernten Blueprints erhalten bleiben.

    In dem Zug werden wir den PVP-Schaden an Gebäuden und Spielern abschalten. Heist einen reinen PVE-Server serverseitig machen.

    Zwingend erforderlich wäre er zwar nicht der Wipe, je nachdem was die Mehrheit der Spieler will. Es wurde überwiegend wegen Buguser gewipt auf den Offiziellen Servern.

    Patch 1.1.4

    VFX & Assets:

    • Updated various shops and buildings to new custom foliage removal and new lighting system.
    • Made stool that you can sit on, craftable at the Carpentry Bench.
    • Added blacksmith building.
    • Updated collision on several rock/cliff models.
    • Fixed collision for grinder.
    • Adjusted saddle crafting recipes.


    • Ice fuel will no longer be sorted into the storage on auto-sort.
    • Fixed duplication bug on the auction house.
    • Made chat not send message on out of focus, only on pressing enter.
    • New feature, salvaging which breaks down craftable metal items to a portion of their original recipe. This is currently used by the forge in the blacksmith building.
    • New feature, blacksmith vendor that sells items to players.
    • Prevent getting stuck on a chair when sitting.
    • Fixed barn animals not loading their tamed state and running away from owner.
    • Fixed item cost in vendor windows not displaying the correct ammount.
    • Fixed race condition in crafting actor saving code.
    • Made sure a bunch of different item classes updated their final possition immediately on clients after being moved by a player.
    • Made the ORR server mode online list more accurate, to prevent possible looting.
    • Take all button now also takes money from player loot.
    • Fixed fences not reloading from save because the class wasn't immediately there always.
    • Fixed fences to be destroyable by sledgehammer.
    • Removed radial menus from livestock, players can interact with the correct tools and retrieve the resources. (Milk and Wool)
    • Fixed livestock regeneration after server reload.


    • Fixed issue where barn animals were increasing overtime with no cap.
    • Fixed barn animals doubling in count on every restart.
    • Removed some VFX calculations that were being run on the server.
    • Stopped trains from causing a navigation update on every move.


    • Designed new item inventory placement sfx and implemented them; adjusted their sound cue's pitch and volume settings.
    • Updated stone building placement cue with new high pitched brick layer sound.
    • Created new sounds for small item pickup, implemented and adjusted sound cue volume and pitch.
    • Updated buildings with correct building placement sfx.
    • Implemented inventory sounds for new buildings - pickup, place, drop, destroy and stacking sfx.
    • Created sound layers for movement with melee weapon equipped.
    • Adjusted length of swimming and sprint swimming sfx in all directions to make sure they crossfade better.
    • Improved procedural debris and ambient sfx spawn values.
    • Adjusted volumes of ambient, wind and rain sound classes.

    Alpha 13:

    - Map has been heavily modified and its biomes redesigned on the eastern half. Now has much more sight lines, nice open areas, with sections of forests lining it.

    - All mountable animals have increased stamina and top speeds. Specifically, when your mount depletes its stamina, it will now run as fast as it used to in previous Heat gameplay when it had full stamina. However, having stamina now grants you an even greater temporary speed boost.

    - Player movement speed has been increased

    - The Gunslinger Tent can now be bought at the Shipping Bin.

    - Players can become Outlaws. Heat level increases when you trespass on a guild's hostile land or damage property on their land

    - Higher Heat levels will spawn more law enforcement AI to combat you as you raid

    - Gunslinger tents placed on a guild's land will spawn up to 5 gunslinger mercenaries that will attack any outlaws on their land. They will continuously respawn if killed after a set timer.

    - Added a passive / neutral / hostile mode to land flags.

    - Passive land has no defensive features.

    - Neutral land marks enemy players as trespassers after they deal damage to the property or anyone on it.

    - Hostile land marks enemy players as trespassers after a short countdown, and includes the damage threshold of neutral land.

    - Trespassing players gain a Heat Level that rises from level 1-5 the longer they continue to trespass.

    - Heat Levels activate defensive Gunslingers and Marshals with the goal of killing outlaws.

    - Reduced the health of Land Claim Flags by 50%.

    - Approximately doubled the drop rate of Diatomaceous Earth from Geodes.

    - Assigned new effect IDs to resources that were unexpectedly producing Diatomaceous Earth. (eg. Blue Bell)

    - 64 bandit camps have been placed across America

    - Bandit camps spawn bandits that will drop money, geodes, and loot on death

    - Bandit camps cannot be destroyed

    - There is a no build zone around Bandit Camps

    - Bandits level towards the player that first enters the camp

    - When ammo, money or geodes are dropped by NPCs, they will have an easily visible aura around them.

    - NPCs and remote player character models will appear all at once instead of showing in-between meshes as parts load in

    - Fixed issue with AI limits per-player being eternally reached if NPCs are paged out on server

    - Buildings removed off terrain will no longer immediately replace the splats underneath them with undergrowth/forest

    - All crafted guns start with a full clip of ammo

    - Polished gun sighting animation in first person - more responsive

    - Wood, Stick, and Fiber are no longer food for NPCs.

    - Animals are no longer denied the joy of eating flowers because they are categorized as a gift.

    - Tamed animals will no longer chug all of their food while dazed.

    - NPCs will no longer stop eating because they drank something until the bottle ran out.

    - NPCs will attempt to select consumable items themselves, filling in missing survival stats, instead of eating the first thing they were given.

    - NPCs will preferably select consumable items that are part of their diet.

    - NPCs now use bandages because they are hurt, not because they are hungry for everything in sight.

    - Removed the 75% health cap on bandages that made them awkwardly do nothing sometimes.

    - Light, Regular, and Heavy Bandages consume in 3, 4, and 5 seconds, down from 4, 7.5, and 10 seconds.

    - All bandages properly heal over 3 seconds. Some were instant, but their descriptions said otherwise.

    - Elixir of Healing now heals 150HP over 30 seconds, up from 50HP over 3 seconds, so that it is not just another bandage.

    - Bandages and other consumable items will no longer show the "Applying" bar when someone else uses them with very high latency.

    - All stations collect now, where some used to be dismantled.

    - Stations, furniture, and other structures now keep track of their HP when collected and placed.

    - Changed furniture collision to primitive shapes so that there is less geometry to load. Except for oddities like chair legss, the hitboxes of furniture should still feel accurate. (Some objects may have moved a few feet.)

    - Rounded-up more tiny stack counts, like the Pumpkin.

    - Rounded-up the harvest value of picks by a small amount.

    - Increased the Iron Pickaxe harvest value to 18.5, up from 13.14.

    - Blue Bell now drops Blue Bell when hit, instead of Bee Plant.

    - Fixed an error in resource loot. Trees now drop Geodes.

    - The game no longer grabs the cursor on startup.

    - Sleeping players will no longer turn invincible on a whim.

    - Buildings are no longer resistant to the repair hammer's repairs. (Inverted Impact Damage)

    - Damage and repair to structures now shows in the item counter. (The bottom-right HUD where we see damage to creatures.)

    - NPCs no longer damage friendly targets without the intent to do so.

    - Added "keepItemsOnDeath" to the server settings. Players will not drop their equipment or inventory items on death. (Disabled by default.)

    - Added "playerPVP" to the server settings, allowing players to be damaged in PVP combat. They can still be damaged by the environment, wild creatures, and free NPCs. (Enabled by default.)

    - Added "npcPVP" to the server settings, allowing owned NPCs to be damaged in PVP combat. They can still be damaged by the environment, wild creatures, and free NPCs. (Enabled by default.)

    - Added "structurePVP" to the server settings, allowing structures to be damaged in PVP combat. They can still be damaged on non-player owned land, by decay, and by world NPCs. (Enabled by default.)

    - The Land HUD now displays a collection of status messages, instead of swapping between status and decay every 5 seconds. eg. "Neutral, Decaying, Flag at 50X 60Y"

    - The Land HUD now displays your current Heat Level while it is level 1 or higher.

    - Greatly improved the performance of dealing / calculating damage.

    - Added Artillery damage type. All material types except for stick are resistant to artillery.

    - Cannons now deal artillery damage. They are meant as an anti-personal weapon.

    - Increased cannon damage at the center of its explosive radius by up to 100%.

    - Increased howitzer damage at the center of its explosive radius by up to 200%.

    - Increased cannon turn speed.

    - Cannons can now aim down. (They used to be not very effective as anti-personnel weapons when placed on walls, now they work.)

    - Artillery Ammo now requires Lead and Sand.

    - Moved the cannon control hints that were blocking the compass and damage counter.

    - Explosive hits now show on the damage counter.

    - Clay, Log, Timber, Stone, Brick, and Concrete walls are now immune to Artillery damage.

    - Item tooltips show accurate damage resistance.

    - Stone and Brick are now immune to Impact damage.

    - Concrete can no longer be damaged by kicks.

    - Nearby adjacent pages are loaded, instead of just the page you are directly standing on. This eliminates a bug whereby you may fall through partially loaded bases.

    - When pages are loading, a better description of what is being loaded is given in the loading screen.

    - When NPCs walk through doors, they pass through without allowing other non-guild characters through

    - When an NPC approaches a door with security clearance, an animation plays of the door opening, but this is visual only; the doorway is still physically blocked for other characters.

    - By default doors allow NPCs to pass through if they are part of the same guild.

    - This only applies to NPC door traversal. Players still need to be careful about opening doors themselves in the presence of trespassers.

    - Appearance of damage indicators improved as to not obstruct visibility, especially at night.

    - Fixed a bug whereby loot sacks may not be accessible in very specific circumstances.

    - Animals are not able to climb over obstacles taller than head level while in the wander state. This allows one to keep animals within appropriately sized fences.

    - NPCs ordered to attack will gain an aggression bonus, usually making them do what you told them to.

    - NPCs will no longer decide to attack themselves.

    - NPCs can now attack sleeping players.

    - NPCs are slightly less interested in sleeping targets than others.

    - Fixed a memory leak in object ownership where some possessions would leave the game without dying but continue to be tracked.

    How Raid Protection Systems Work:

    You may become an outlaw if you deal damage or trespass on another player land. Once you become an outlaw, you will become wanted and gain a "Heat" level. This will determine how the law reacts to you. As well, a players Gunslingers will attack you. Upon dying, or no longer aggressive towards another players property for a period of time, the Heat level is removed and you will no longer considered an outlaw.

    Land Protection Options:

    Players can toggle how other players are perceived on their land. Passive means anyone can go on your land, and they can damage anything without receiving a Heat level. Neutral means anyone can trespass on your land, but if they deal more than 100 damage on your land, they will be flagged as an outlaw. Hostile means anyone who trespasses on your land for more than 20 seconds will become an outlaw.

    Gunslinger Tents:

    Players can purchase Gunslinger tents at the shipping bin. Once placed on your land, a gunslinger tents adds to the land taxes that are paid at your land flag.

    A Gunslinger tent will spawn a gunslinger outside of it if another player is trespassing on your land, or attacking your land. These Gunslingers are unlimited. They will pursue the aggressor for a set distance. If you are an aggressor, you will need to destroy that players Gunslingers tents to stop them from spawning more. There are cool-downs between each spawn however. Gunslingers cannot be looted, nor do they drop loot.

    The Law:

    Should you decide to become an Outlaw by attacking or trespassing on other players land - Marshall's will spawn when you as you are wanted by the law. They will attack you relentlessly. The only wait to get rid of them, is to reduce your Heat level by staying off other players properties, or if you die.

    Statistiken beweisen, wer mehr Geburtstage hat, lebt länger. Das ist doch super, oder?

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Marco, auf das du uns noch lange erhalten bleibst.

    Gruß Bernhard

    Patch 1.1.3

    • Bandits and Miners no longer drop dynamite.
    • New server type added ORR (Online Raid Requirement) where build items are not destructible for offline players.
    • Fixed setting spawn sometimes reverting to a previous set spawn location.


    • Fixed AI aggro flipping states.
    • Fixed possible deletion of wrong object on admin "DestroyTarget" and reduced length of trace to 8 meters.
    • Trade window now properly displays durability info on items when they're within the trade storage.
    • value of animal thirst.
    • Donkey should now reattach to mineshaft on level load.
    • Made item update correctly if stack is 0 or less.
    • Set item class of the stack collection to null when stack is equal or less than 0 in order to fix ghost items in crafting windows.
    • Made train tracks able to be built as a loop.
    • Fixed equipment item map losing reference to items when sorted. This fixes ammo issues caused by equipping then sorting items.
    • Sheriff spawning re-work, should alleviate issues with them deputies spawning on other buildings and stuff.
    • Fixed deputies so they don't attack negative morality players who are socially connected to the player that owns the station.
    • Added Hotel that allows players to have a globally accessible respawn location in their town.
    • Fixed Stats UI not being hooked to the stats backend sometimes on server join.


    • Designed and implemented new player snow footsteps
    • Decreased delay value of shells impact sfx on different surfaces
    • Designed and implemented new blacksmith hammer impact sounds
    • Adjusted volume and attenuation of desert sidewinder, prairie king snake and western diamondback movement sfx
    • Increased volume of first person sights in/out, as well as bow, pistol, rifle and shotgun FP movement details
    • Increased animals' startled sfx attenuation radius and decreased fish movement sfx attenuation
    • Turned down emotes class volume