Safe Glitch/problem

  • Placed a safe next to a pre-existing one (Taunus map). I was then unable to access the inventory of the older safe. I moved the newer safe 5 meters away and this did not help. I re-logged that did not help. So I tried after a restart and I was able to access inventory of the older safe but lost the contents of the new safe.

  • Hi, this happens from time to time. Once on the Cherna server, a player lost all the stuff in one of his containers. At nearly the same time, I placed a safe in my base and was very surprised, that there was loot in it. After a while, we found out, that this was the loot from the other players container.

  • Thank you for the reply, just wanted to make sure Admin and players were aware of the issue. Could you tell me if we are allowed to build bases in castles on the Taunus map ? Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, thats not possible. Rules say 350m distance to cities, villages, military areas, other territories - 120m to single buildings(including castles) on the map and 1150m to safezones/spawnpoints. You can ask an admin, but I think they will refuse it.