Chat Bot Kommandos

  • Hallo.

    Habe soeben die Chat Bot Befehle für Empyrion freigegeben.

    Eine Aufstellung, welche Befehle es gibt findet ihr ingame unter dem Kommando: cb:? oder cb:?? oder cb:help.

    Eine genauere Beschreibung zu den Chat Bot Befehlen findet ihr hier:

    Bei uns funktionieren folgende Befehle:

    Chatbot Commands
    cb:? / cb:??? / cb:help Provides you with useful information regarding the server and chatbot.
    cb:info Displays your playtime and other useful information.
    cb:wipe Displays your personal wipe timer for structures in the starter system.
    cb:reset / cb:restart Completely reset your character and start over. You can do this every 12 hours.
    cb:tips Displays an assortment of tips that may be helpful to you.
    cb:getshipdown:id Brings your ship above you down to you. Read more about it here.
    cb:stuck Provides with a way to get unstuck in vessels.
    cb:rules Displays a link to the server rules.
    cb:admin Provides you with a list of HWS Admins.
    cb:time See the current server time
    cb:NextWipe See upcoming wipes. It shows you exactly how many days/hours/minutes up to the next wipes.
    cb:NextRestart See upcoming restarts/backups. It shows you exactly how many days/hours/minutes up to the next restart
    cb:log See the path to your log files which needs to be sent to the devs if a crash happens.
    cb:destroy CB:Destroy:ID = Destroys the structure with that ID. Only your structures! Faction admins/founder can also destroy faction structures. Abuse leads to ban!! You can use the command only if no enemies are around you. 2000 meter in space, 350 meter on planets.
    cb:getshiphere:ID Moves your ship to you (only on same playfield or orbit). Only activated for CSW orbit.
    cb:gotoship:ID Gets the ship closer to you in case its stuck
    cb:w:[player-name or ID]:message Sends a whisper message to that player
    cb:startjobs Starts a pending offline job (for example your Daily Loot)
    cb:sethome:ID Set a structure as your "Home" to be able to jump to it after you died with the command below. It must be a CV or BA and you have to be near it. (you get the ID by typing "di" in the console and look at the structure)
    cb:gohome Use this command after you have set your Home with the command above and after you died to be able to get teleported home.
  • der destroy befehl geht ebenfalls nicht. Admin bitte einmal meine struktur 10439268 auf Arengu zerstören. Ist eine zusammengefügte Titan als Basis. viel auseinander kurz nach dem setzen.

    Vielen Dank.

  • So, die Struktur ist gelöscht.

    Die Chat-Bot Befehle funktionieren wieder wie gewohnt.

    Vielen Dank für dein Feedback, aber bitte benutze demnächst unser Ticketsystem (siehe oben) für Probleme mit dem Server. Danke.