Anstehendes Update 4.3

  • Patch 4.3 is soon upon us and with it comes dozens of balancing fixes and changes that will provide our tightest and most action packed update yet. Those who wish to remain on 4.2 will want to start making their backups now as 4.3 will require a wipe and with VERy good reason!

    Among some of the fixes are a brand new Mixer with MORE towns and cities, more varied pois in every hub and action packed rare POIs, performance increases through POI adjustments such as removed frame killing lighting, all new blocks system that will no longer break into thin air but will travel backwards all the way down to wood frame, SI balances for iron and rock tiers, slightly decreased XP per level for better levelling, rebalanced loot especially in areas concerning schematic pages and books, recipe adjustments including reduced timers on the worst offenders, balances, and food adjustments for better food and wellness returns, the NEW 14 day horde edition which will be our official supported way to play RH, Wellness Death Penalty Raised from 50 to 60, a completely new SP install for those looking for a more casual experience, spawn adjustments, no more encumbrance, gun parts make their return to loot to make gun looting exciting again and so so much more, too many to list here.

    The release is estimated in a week or so, barring any unforeseen issues as we test. This will be the FINAL wipe and update to RH for A16 as I am moving on to releasing a Concept for Extinction going forward. I personally have been playing this update and it is WAy less grindy and more action packed than ever before. Very excited for you guys to get your hands on it.