SE - Update 1.187.2 - More Improvements

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    Hello, Engineers!

    We are releasing another update to make our multiplayer code even more efficient and fine-tune issues that have been reported to us by the community. Thanks for reporting them - it really helps us locate and fix everything.

    If you want to help, please visit our new support page and make a report:


    Fixes for issues

    • [Player Report] Europa is not editable by voxel hand
    • [UseResponse] Assembler's cooperative check-box doesn't work
    • [UseResponse] Broken control for grids traveling over 200 m/s
    • [UseResponse] Cars speed artificially capped at 52.5 m/s
    • [UseResponse] Crash when activating timer block for specific BP
    • [UseResponse] F1 screen link update
    • [UseResponse] Graphic settings forced to medium
    • [UseResponse] Invisible players on DS when using cockpit or cryo and restarting server
    • [UseResponse] Limited random range for projectiles, so they hit close to maximum range
    • [UseResponse] MotD substitutions missing
    • [UseResponse] Ore GPS markers stay on screen on DS
    • [UseResponse] Part of the Light Armor Inv. Corner 2x1x1 TIP is walkthrough
    • [UseResponse] Remote API – wrong name for resource
    • [UseResponse] SDK bin64_profile does not have profiling or dev menu
    • [UseResponse] Welding/Grinding interrupted during DS saving
    • [UseResponse] Wheels cannot be placed if you have fenders around it
    • 32bit version of VRageEditor not built in ModSDK
    • Add detection of .net framework to DS and DSGUI, fail gracefully
    • Admin feature – AI not targeting
    • Change character orientation with ship rotation change
    • Character falling in a loop on client but standing on server
    • Character parenting to surface of specific objects can lead to rubber-banding
    • Crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.MyGridClipboard.UpdatePreviewBBo
    • Ctrl + Del combination deletes without asking
    • Default language only official
    • Desynchronisation issue with Big grid parenting
    • DS Mod Dependencies disable feature
    • Enable admin to assign ownership to offline players
    • Game almost freeze when throwing red ship to planet ground
    • Hovering ship in planet's gravity is being tilted by subgrids
    • Joining a lobby via Steam shows confirmation dialog about inviting yourself
    • Jumping on surface of flying grid rubber-bands in the direction of flight
    • Lower minimum CPU freq for DS to 3.2GHz
    • Make buttons for experimental just greyed
    • Make game remember all admin check-boxes after restart of the server
    • Mod-Crash screen polishing
    • Modded Respawn Ship icon is not working
    • One of the predefined asteroids disappears when drilling the asteroid and reconnecting
    • Outdated czech translation
    • Respawning on an already rotating grid
    • Save not blocking main thread when saving Voxels
    • Simple grid with rotor shaking on DS
    • Small ship welder and small ship grinder have small effective radius
    • Tutorials for first time players
    • Voxel changes are not synchronized (on spawned planets) on DS
    • Voxel destruction not synchronized to client when throwing Red Ship, leads to rubber-banding
    • Wheels are jumping off the surface


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