DF v2.1-Build 6

  • @everyone D is now on the launcher and gitlab for Testung. Changes as follows.

    - Titanium frames removed.

    - 47-ish titanium blocks added. This is basically every steel block shape I could find. Added to laborer mastery instead of the frames.

    - Steel now upgrades to stainless steel. Stainless steel upgrades to titanium.

    - Titanium downgrades to stainless steel. Stainless steel downgrades to concrete like A16.

    - Items now have T7 and T8 effects.

    - Armor Use removed because it was broken.

    - Laser weapons finally added.

    - Scifi Forge and Scifi Bench now have recipes.

    - Uranium and Plutionium added. Both spawn in the radiated biome, and small amounts spawn underground in the wasteland.

    - Research notes added and should drop from scientists, the new desks and the new lockers. Needs checking.

    - Items should now have item icons.

    - Muscle car added. It is mecanic mastery only, faster than the motorcycle and has the most storage.

    - DFalls-Medium biomes fixed to get rid of the color warnings.

    - Lower 7 day horde gamestages tweaked to see if it helps with hordes not turning up.

    - Traders can now die. They still respawn.

    - Arrows and bolts can now cause bleed out like they did in A16.

    - Animals and animal husbandry added.

    - Melee bandits and melee survivors added. AI is a little iffy.

    - Sphereii's Localization Patch added to assist with modlet integration.

    - Dire wolves are black again.

    - Some A16 zombie textures re-added so they don't all have black hair.

    - Infection will now kill you if left untreated.

    Google Drive Link for folks who don't want to deal with the launcher/GitLab: https://drive.google.com/open?…OiFcRu44bzBxldE6_lGyj8Rd1

    Please see the FAQ channel to learn about the animals, what they need to eat/drink/be healthy/etc.

    If you see a fire or lightning effect on any animal, that is BAD. It's a debug effect to let you know the animal is sick. This will not be making it into the final build. You will have to check on your animals manually.