Empyrion Alpha 10 Patchnotes

  • Here is the Release Candidate 2 for Monday's public release.

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.0 (Build 2502)

    Base Attack (Survival) Update:

    - Increased impact of reputation on base attack probabilities

    - Zirax soldiers will now consider which turret did a damage to the group, and they will protect against such turret as a group

    - Added "Attack Difficulty" entry to Control Panel statistics for Base Attack probabilities

    Base Attack (Scenario) Update:

    - Added 3-6 HS blocks every second drop

    - Increase re-capture timer by 30 seconds

    - Drop resupply from a little lower to prevent collision misses with landing pad + drop position on landing pad

    Ship Controller Update:

    - Added more deco containers to weight calculation

    - Slightly reduced the turn rate to match A9 behavior

    - Pilot mode is now persistent for the player

    - Added hotkey "Shift - i" to toggle pilot mode

    - Added weight of fuel into the total mass of the ship

    - Reduce the x-axis mouse sensitivity for HV


    - Set version number to "Alpha 10.0.0" for public release

    - Jetpack state is now persistent

    - Added armored version of cockpit 08

    - Re-added legacy version of cockpit 08

    - Added some documentation comments to IPda. Add documentation config file for PdaScript. Clean a couple warnings

    - Added shield state to console command 'shield'

    - RCS Device (CV) can now be constructed in Large Constructor

    - Mods: Implemented check if a Mod throws an exception during Game_Start / Init call and disabling mod in that case

    - Debug O2: combining the debug O2 diamonds within air blocks + added culling of O2 diamonds for better performance

    - Added culling for debug airtight blocks for better performance

    - PdaScript: in-line documentation (part 1)

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed: O2 not working any more in HV/SV

    - Fixed: [MP] Shield is regenerating after being hit

    - Fixed: CT Tool: 2nd page of textures clear-slot does not work as expected

    - Fixed: CT Tool: pages shown for texture symbols swap back and forth between 1/2 and 1/4

    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes the base attack probabilities could be >100%

    - Fixed: 'Sliced Corner A1 medium' & 'Wall double' when next to other blocks can make other blocks invisible

    - Fixed: When textures & colors are put on Ramp low C 8th they can look darker than other blocks next to them

    - Fixed: Exception during O2 calculation on large structures. Optimized O2 calculation.

    - Fixed: Block Shapes: Textures Ramp A / C don't line up

    - Fixed: Block Shapes: Cube round transition graphical glitch

    - Fixed: Block Shapes: Beam and CubeEighth UV issue

    - Fixed: Block Shapes: Wall edge + wall sloped corner texture glitch

    - Fixed: ForceField Placed Horizontally not AirTight

    - Fixed: Thin Ventilator was not airtight

    - Fixed: Exception in BAISensorVision.ScanForEntities

    - Fixed: Trapdoor disappeared too early (too early culling)

    - Fixed: Base Attack Scenario - timer reset function in TimerAction

    - Fixed: Exception when applying replace mode to plastic blocks.

    - Fixed: CP ToolTips Wrong

    Quelle: https://empyriononline.com/

  • UPDATE: June 16, 2019 (Build 2504)


    - Implemented: In 'Salvage' mode MultiTool and SurvivalTool now return a random set of top-level items (instead of deconstructing fractions of a top-level item to lower level items)
    - Added ability that an open door/hangar door will be used by AI and considered as "open space" to path through it
    - Slightly increased base attack difficulty for low levels
    - Reduced reload time of player sentry turrets
    - Increased resolution of screens on O2 Station
    - Bring back old Asteroid Ring blueprint (use "AsteroidFieldRingOld" in playfield.yaml)
    - Better highlight of active toolbar slot
    - Don't show reputation warning message when trying to open container or pickup plants from Alien or Admin factions
    - Allowing to create a blueprint from any structure in survival if godmode invisible is enabled

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed Exploit: Logistic dupe outside of WiFi range
    - Fixed: Zirax soldiers did not change targets correctly when attacking sentries in a base attack
    - Fixed: New asteroid ring did not take into account rotation from playfield.yaml
    - Fixed: possible exception when opening Sector Map.

  • Raptors

    Changed the title of the thread from “Empyrion Experimentel-Server Alpha 10 Update und Release Kandidat für Public Release am 17.6.19” to “Empyrion Alpha 10 Patchnotes”.
  • Hotfix vom 19.06.2019

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.1 (Build 2507)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Possible fix for missing chunks on connect to a server
    - Fixed: Color Tool usage permission
    - Fixed: Definitions of new templates in Config.ecf didn't work reliable
    - Fixed: Setting Video quality to FAST by keeping Textures on MAX results in billboard issue and exception
    - Fixed: Possible exception when disconnecting from server running PDA.cs
    - Fixed: Problem that turrets sometimes did not aim accurately
    - Fixed: Clone chamber / Medic Station: not possible to paint/texture below (we removed the base plate)
    - Fixed: Cockpit 8 non armored has the same model as the armored version
    - Fixed: Internal exception linked to Status Effects
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in logs

  • Hotfix vom 20.06.2019

    CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.2 (Build 2511)

    - Added back "SVDecoIntake02" (now called SVDecoIntake02New) to "General Devices (Deco)"
    - Updated models of regular windows

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: MapDistance does not work other than 0
    - Fixed: Names of devices mismatch between device list and detail info screen and HUD
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs

    - Some railing blocks have texture problems (will be fixed in next build)

  • CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.1.0 (Build 2517)

    Updated Base Attack:

    - Increased spawning distance from 360m to 600m
    - Now base attack is not immediately executed when returning to a base


    - Added 3 more variants of heavy doors


    - Added CubeHalf version of ventilator


    - Added all ventilators to block group


    - Added inclination angle for Drill tools closer to lower right window
    - Allow to make links in PDA clickable
    - SSG: scrolling/panning moves sector camera after sector generation click

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed: POIs were not placed in Freedom mode
    - Fixed: Not possible to start FREEDOM mode in COOP
    - Fixed: CT Tool: Closing CONFIGURE with X breaks GUI / does not open tool on RMB afterwards.
    - Fixed: [MP] Shields can recharge to 100% after playfield changes
    - Fixed: Collider problem with boarding ramp when closed: before player needed to jump over invisible border, now player can walk over border
    - Fixed: Some item tooltips are cut at top or bottom of screen
    - Fixed: Wall Mounted sentry view clipping into wall and CAN shoot through wall (adapted camera position)
    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes no more base attacks were launched (now added safe check: any drones not loaded for 60 seconds for base attack are ingored, so the attack can continue without them
    - Fixed: When placing a thruster, flare is now not shown anymore in the preview mode
    - Fixed: Forcefield of Boarding Ramps not switched off when unpowered
    - Fixed: Rotation axis of generators BA/CV was not in the middle
    - Fixed: Tooltips in BP Library for BA,CV,SV,HV were wrong
    - Fixed: All ore deposits are generating directly beneath the surface.
    - Fixed: Detector showing already discovered POI again when going out of discovery range
    - Fixed: Solar panel (sloped version) indicators are dark & not visible when turned on
    - Fixed: Constructor sometimes did not show all rows of an assigned container
    - Fixed: New Chat: Private message issues with player names with blanks
    - Fixed: 4 Way Connector Heavy Window does not swap tints like all of the other windows.
    - Fixed: [MP] Player taking damage through blocks (partly fixed: should be much better but can still happen in some use cases)
    - Fixed: Thrusters will not idle when vessels are placed on a flat surface of a structure & docked to it
    - Fixed: Terrain-placeable devices can be placed inside each other's bounding box
    - Fixed: When damaging Ventilator Thin it can become invisible
    - Fixed: Clipping problem when jumping inside Medic Station and Clone Chamber
    - Fixed: Several problems with turret aiming
    - Fixed: Dragging/line-placing a 1x1x1 Thruster leads to graphical glitches
    - Fixed: RenderTexture error message in logs
    - Fixed: RakNetServer incorrect stats on player disconnect
    - Fixed: Planet life did try to load the same spawnpoint multiple times in certain situations
    - Fixed: Ranged animals did not always fire due to unprecise body rotation in time of firing, removed delay for spider03 attack animation
    - Fixed: SSG writing custom sector configs check color component values for culture invariance.
    - Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs

    Quelle: https://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=383120