Alpha 10: Out Now!

  • Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    After more than 4 weeks in Experimental phase, we are very excited to release Alpha 10 to the public branch today!

    Thanks to all Experimental testers, who helped with tracking down bugs and who sent in their feedback over the past weeks, we managed to greatly improve the initial feature releases.

    Here is a short overview of the main features of Alpha 10:

    - Polarized hull shields

    - More than 100 new building block shapes

    - Increased mining speed and improved drill handling

    - New base attack & AI improvements (including a standalone Base Attack Scenario)

    - Combined color and texture tool

    - New movement controller mode for vessels

    - New multiplayer chat

    - Increased texture resolution of our 3d models

    When looking at the overview and the full changelog below (with a LOT more changes, improvements and bug fixes), you will notice that we introduced several “first time” features and some gameplay changes. We are aware of the fact that this might lead to some relearning of mechanics, which can be inconvenient for everyone that is used to a certain play-style. However, the goal of the Alpha phase is still to add, change and introduce large feature updates.

    Thanks a lot in advance to keep this in mind when playing Alpha 10. Said that, especially the new Base Attack (including a significant AI update for NPC ground troops) and the Modding API are additions that will still evolve over time. That’s why we value your feedback on ANY of the game topics and try to incorporate ideas and suggestions wherever possible and we hope everyone will continue to do so with the public release.

    Please check out Alpha 10 and make good use of the Feedback forum:

    Of course, please also report any bug or issue with Alpha 10 in the bug forum:

    Have fun playing Alpha 10!


    Empyrion Dev Team