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    [DE-PVE]Der Rentner Treff Last Oasis

    Verbindungs Informationen:

    Connection Info: Sucht Der Rentner Treff oder Rentner
    Query Info: Sucht Der Rentner Treff oder Rentner
    Restarts: 0:00
    Server Passwort: Keins
    Events: Aktuell keine Aktiv
    Steam Shop: Link
    Mod Installation: Keine Mods vorhanden
    Download Client Mod: Keine Mods vorhanden
    Regeln des Servers: Link

    Server Einstellungen / Multipliers:
    Experience 1
    Foliage Respawn Rate 1
    Harvest Quantity 1

    Es sind alle Maps vorhanden verteilt auf 11 Servern:
    Map Cradle Easy
    Map AncientCity Medium
    Map Canyon11 Medium
    Map CanyonB Medium
    Map Asteroid Hart
    Map Kali Spires Hart
    Map SG2 Hart
    Map Sleeping Giants Hart
    Map Volcanig 3G Hart
    Map Volcanig B Hart
    Map Worm Sighting Hart



    Es ist halt eine scheißt Arbeit da jede Map seinen Eigenen Server hat damit Ihr Reisen könnt. Ressourcen fressen die Server kaum und wir wollen ja den vollen Umfang des Spiels diesmal haben also mache ich es Ordentlich :)

    @Admin die Server werdet Ihr auch im TCAdmin sehen Restart / Auto Update ist bereits alles drin und läuft. WIe gewohnt

    Wer sich das Spiel kaufen will kostet keine 9€ Aktuell bei Steam

    Dadurch das wir das selbst Hosten sind Slots kein Problem also max 100 Pro Server

    Zwischenstand von 11 Servern laufen nun 4 Sieht dann so aus



    Am Ende des Tages werden wir 11 Server haben mit vollem Content und allen Maps



    "Hey Freunde ! Mein Name ist Cpt_Maddoc oder auch Keno (ja ich heiße wirklich so) und bin Hunt-Spieler der ersten Stunde !

    Wenn ihr interesse an Hunt:Showdown habt, dieses Wochenende (7.8. und 8.8.) veranstalte ich jeden Tag einen 12 Stunden Stream (von 9-21) veranstalten mit einer Wagenladung an Give-Aways !

    Insgesamt werden 4 mal das Spiel selbst verlost und dazu 7 DLC-Codes zum einlösen auf Steam.

    Also wer sich unsicher ist das Spiel selbst zukaufen, hier klingelt eure Chance !

    Und wer Hunt: Showdown bereits besitzt, hier bekommt ihr eure DLC's !

    Also besucht mich doch gerne und riskiert euer Glück :D

    Ihr findet mich unter !

    Euer Maddy "

    Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! You ready for a hotfix! Let's get to it!

    But first, let's get to the missing features on the last patch notes that are already in the game:

    New character creation menu:

    We have revamped the UI and the system for the character creation. it is much more pleasant looking and streamlined compared to before.


    • You can see it is a lot less confusing here as you can distribute your attribute points more easily with just the bars. We have also reduced the size you are able to enlarge your special parts with due to the new feature. From now on, the longer you stay alive on the island the bigger the special part. Don't worry tho, owners of the supporter pack #1 you still get your extra inches. So now when you see a man on the island with the big D he truly does have big D energy and better to not mess with him.


    • We did the same with the skill points section as well.

    Empty/full backpacks.

    A nifty new feature we introduced is the visual representation of how full your backpack is. If it is completely empty it will sort of collapse on itself since there are no items to extend the fabric, but the more items you have in it the more it will expand. This effect will show how full the backpack is but not heavy.

    To see how heavy the backpack is your character will bend forward to compensate the weight. Obviously the STR attribute also comes in play here and it depends on far your character will or will not lean.



    All wells on the island work now on a new system.

    Proximity replenishment is the new system that works on every well that is out in the world. Every well has a certain range, in which you walk in and then there is a chance that the well will have water and its a random amount how much water it will be.

    If you leave the range of the well, there is a timeout cooldown until you can re-enter its range and then the game checks again if there is any water in it and how much. If you enter the range before the cooldown ends, the timer resets and the well will show its last known amount. If you wait out the cooldown and then re-enter, the dice is rolled again to see if there is water in the well.


    New forest textures

    We have completely revamped and refreshed the look of forests in game, not only do they look better they should also be easier on your hardware. Well let the pictures tell the tale.



    Water intake

    Ok so not a forgotten feature but there seems to be a lot of confusion with this one. So let's get down to it:

    • There is water absorption system in the game, or better to say all of the minerals and nutrients. Your characters body has a limit on how much it can absorb over time, anything excess it will quickly expel. So be careful how much water you intake at once. So if you drink 2L of water at once but can only absorb 400ml anything over 400ml you will quickly have to piss out the excess. So it is better to to take a breather drink 0.5L and once that is absorbed drink some more and move. Or store the extra in the bottle. Also keep in mind that the higher your CON the less your body will use less water so the reserve will last longer.


    • Fixed the bug where destroying a vehicle while someone is entering/exiting it would bug the player out.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not load arrows from vicinity into bows if there was no inventory space.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build double doors on cabins.
    • Fixed the bug where you would get ridiculous amount of experience from repairing vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where sentries would push motorcycles below the map.
    • Fixed the bug where you could move sentries with vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where squad member limit would sometimes calculate incorrectly.
    • Fixed the issues with weapons scopes when aiming from vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where Attribute circular bars would randomly switch colors.
    • Fixed the bug where M16 magazine were not visible in vicinity.
    • Fixed the bug where camera would sometimes bug out on vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where safe zones were not functional.
    • Fixed the bug where dirtbike audio would sometimes hang.
    • Fixed the bug where some weapons could not take appropriate attachments.
    • Fixed the bug where traps would not trigger on failed defuse attempt.
    • Fixed the bug where some weapons would have no recoil.
    • Fixed the bug where it was fine to drink salt water.
    • Fixed the bug where hazelnuts were repulsive to eat.
    • Fixed the bug where smoked goose meat was considered raw.
    • Fixed the bug where skewers with sausages were not eatable.
    • Fixed the bug where white flour was not repulsive to eat raw.
    • Fixed the nutritional values of insects.
    • Fixed the sounds on eating insects.
    • Fixed the bug where arrows with hard tips would break after one shot.
    • Fixed the bug where bullets would sometimes flicker in revolvers.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not drink from some office water dispensers.
    • Fixed the bug where you could sometimes jump through window fortifications.
    • Fixed the issue where holding a revolver in relaxed state would sometimes bug out.
    • Fixed the bug where sentries would deal damage even if the server setting is set to 0.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to wash clothes on empty wells.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not fill improvised water container.
    • Fixed the bug where reload, check ammo, unload ammo etc. was not possible while prone.
    • Fixed the bug where suicide zombies would sometimes not drop C4 materials.
    • Fixed the bug where prisoners would get soft locked when trying to chop items from prone position.


    • If you hold crossbow, default interaction with crossbow bolt is now "nock".
    • Visual effects for conditions will now fade in and out more smoothly.
    • You are no longer able to jump if your stamina dropped to zero.
    • Added bomb defusal minigame mouse sensitivity setting in options.
    • Puppets can now inflict C2 wounds if they hit same location multiple times.
    • Treatment UI will now gray out when in process of treating wounds.
    • Reduced the explosive damage on BB elements.
    • Modified explosive arrow damage range.


    • Added a new server setting:


      This setting will separate the actual Metabolism simulation time from the world time. So in cases of servers that run faster day and night cycles the Metabolism simulation can now be set to follow the world time or run slower. Default value is 3.84.
    • Kill logs now record everything properly.
    • Admin drones will now see motorbike owners when hovering over them.
    • OpenInventory on vehicles with drones should now work all over the vehicle


    [DE-PVE]Der Rentner Treff Subsistence

    Verbindungs Informationen:

    Connection Info:
    Query Info:
    Restarts: 0:00
    Server Passwort: Keins
    Online Map / System: Link
    Steam Shop: Link
    Mod Installation: Keine Mods vorhanden
    Download Client Mod: Keine Mods vorhanden
    Regeln des Servers: Link

    Server Einstellungen:
    HunterAttacks Normale Angriffe
    Schwierigkeitsgrad Normal
    Tage pro Jahr 24 (Number of in-game days per in-game year. 12/24/36/48/60/90/120/200/365)
    MonthOverride Monat nicht außer Kraft setzten Wenn aktiviert, startet der Server in einem bestimmten Monat (Überschreibt das aktuelle Savegame)
    NumPlayerOfflineHoursBeforeBaseDecay 0 (Die Anzahl der Stunden die ein Spieler (oder dessen Team) offline sein muss, bevor die Bauten anfangen zu verfallen. (Default -> 0, keine Bauten werden verfallen))
    PvP Schaden False (Aktiviert Spieler vs. Spieler)
    Spieler können Spielerbasen beschädigen False (If true, players can damage player-placed buildables.)
    Spieler können auf Gegenstände der gegnerischen Spielerbasis zugreifen False (Wenn diese Option auf "true" gesetzt ist, können Spieler auf Gegenstände der gegnerischen Spielerbasis zugreifen (z. B. Lagertruhen, Raffinerien usw.). Wirkt sich nicht auf Türen/Fenster aus.)

    - Updated for A19.6b8
    - Replaced the spiral library with a different version that should be less laggy on servers.
    - Updated three08's elevator mod to fix some potential issues.
    - Fixed Near Death Trauma tooltip annoyance.

    Client (Gitlab/Launcher Primary Download):…
    Server (Gitlab/Launcher Primary Download):…

    Client (Gitlab/Launcher Alternate Download):
    Server (Gitlab/Launcher Alternate Download):


    That's it. Restart IS NOT REQUIRED, but is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

    WIPE mussten wir machen Server startet nicht mehr nach Update

    Hello Survivors!

    A19.6 b8 is now available on stable.

    The build features some twitch integration bug fixs and full support of 14 languages. Stay tuned Alpha 20 is coming!

    A19.6 Changelog


    Supported languages now are translated and supported for our Twitch Integration


    Set cooldown to 0 causes actions to not populate.

    • Twitch login early timeout bug
    • Cooldown bar could get stuck if party members left while bar was mostly full
    • Queued Twitch Actions will auto refund after 60 seconds of not being able to be performed
    • Closing Twitch Options window too fast after connecting could cause an NRE
    • Re-ordered global cooldown settings to be lowest to highest