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    SCUM - LOCK'N'LOAD Update

    Hello everyone! Clean your weapons and zero your sights because the Lock'n'Load update is here!


    It's been a long time coming and we've been working hard on it but we can finally release the update to you guys. So let's get to it, you've been waiting long enough.

    Check out the Video update as well!

    0.jpgYouTube™-Video: SCUM 0.4 - Lock'N'Load | Dev Vlog #7
    Aufrufe: 1.410
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    Guns, guns, guns! You love 'em, we got 'em! As you can guess this update mainly focuses on that sweet ranged combat and weapon overhaul. A lot of new changes and mechanics made it.

    Take note that these are the first iterations of the features, and some further changes might appear.


    Introducing weapon maintenance and weapon jamming!

    That is right. You will no longer be able to fire your weapon freely and without consequence.

    Weapons will need to be cleaned and maintained if you want them to work reliably.

    So how do malfunctions work?

    When firing and/or reloading your weapon, there is a chance you might experience a malfunction. This chance is increased when either your weapon, your mag or your bullets are in poor condition. So keep it clean, keep it mean.

    The 4 possible malfunctions are:

    • Bad round: The round was fired but got stuck in the barrel. (Depends on bullet durability)
    • Double feed: The weapon was fed 2 rounds from the magazine into the chamber. (Depends on rifle durability)
    • Round not loaded: Weapon failed to feed a round from the magazine into the firing chamber.(Depends on magazine durability)
    • Stove pipe: The round is caught in the ejector. (Depends on rifle durability)

    These malfunctions can occur in any magazine fed rifle in the game.

    (Known issue: M16 and MK18 are missing the stove pipe malfunction, this will come in a future update.)


    "What about shotguns?" you might ask. Well, some of the malfunctions can occur in a shotgun, yet some don't.

    Shotguns can experience the following malfunctions:

    • Stove pipe: The round is caught in the ejector. (Depends on rifle durability)
    • Double feed: The weapon was fed 2 rounds from the tube magazine into the chamber. (Depends on rifle durability)


    Now as for the M1 Garand, it has an unique malfunction that can occur because it is the only clip based weapon we currently have.

    M1 Garand can experience the following malfunctions:

    • Clip jam: The M1 clip did not eject properly and is stuck in the ejector.
    • Bad round: The round was fired but got stuck in the barrel. (Depends on bullet durability)


    Handguns have their own set of malfunctions as well.

    Handguns can experience the following malfunctions:

    • Stove pipe: The round is caught in the ejector. (Depends on handgun durability)
    • Bad round: The round was fired but got stuck in the barrel. (Depends on bullet durability)
    • Stuck Bullet: The bullet did not feed properly and is stuck between magazine and firing chamber. (Depends on bullet durability)
    • Round not loaded: Weapon failed to feed a round from the magazine into the firing chamber.(Depends on magazine durability)


    Bolt action rifles are unique because they do not have any malfunction UI. Instead, the less durability on your rifle, the more problems your character will have with shooting, loading and reloading. It's not a bug, it's a feature I swear.



    "Ok, so my weapon got jammed, but how do I clear it?" you ask. Well, it is pretty simple.

    Press "R" when the jam occurs and you will go into "Weapon inspection mode" where the character will inspect the weapon and a circular menu shows up. Look at your weapon to identify the malfunction, and choose the correction method. If you choose right, after the animation the jam will be cleared and you are free to fire again! Until you jam it again because your rifle is still dirty.

    If you want the explanations in video format, we got you:

    0.jpgYouTube™-Video: SCUM - Malfunction Tutorial
    Aufrufe: 308
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    Oh, and be careful, shooting the firearm now lowers the durability.


    What good are guns without ammo? Nothing. Just clubs, and you can already craft clubs.

    "But we already have ammo in the game." you say, and "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" we answer! It has been highly requested and it is finally here. We have added new ammo types, all of them with their own perks and disadvantages.


    The new rifle ammo types are:

    • Tracer ammo: Bullets with a small pyrotechnic charge in their base that, when fired, ignite and are visible with the naked eye.
    • AP ammunition: Ammunition designed to pierce body armor. Deals 50% more damage to all body armors.
    • Crafted ammunition: Now, a separate item from the regular ammunition. Crafted ammo deals 10% less damage to body armor and 10% less damage to the body itself.

    Same applies for handgun ammo.

    Shotguns have their own separate shells:

    • Buckshot: the "usual" shell you could have found in the world 'till now. The shell cases 9 medium sized pellets.
    • Birdshot: New shell that is loaded with quite an amount of smaller pellets giving it a better spread but with less power.
    • Slug: New shell that cases only one big pellet.


    And before you ask yes, it is possible to load mixed ammo in magazines.

    Has this ever happened to you? You are in a fire fight, it is crazy, maybe someone is raiding your base. Bullets flying everywhere and you forgot how many rounds you fired at the intruder. Have no fear, because we have added a new CHECK AMMO command just for you!

    Simply press SHIFT+R and your character will take out the magazine, check how many bullets are left and show it in your quickbar.


    Also note that we have added another slot so you can see what is in your hands.


    Now we get to the good stuff: the changes you will notice in weapon behavior and mechanics.

    First of, all the recoil animations have been completely revamped, to give it a more realistic feel and more of a kick. So unless you have really high rifling skill, hitting someone over 100 meters with full auto will prove really challenging.


    We have also added a new switch fire mode and check fire mode animations making it more immersive to Lock'N'Load for the fight.



    The controls for these features are:

    • Check fire mode: SHIFT+RMB. Keep holding to stay in the animation. (Known issue: If you let go of shift first instead of RMB you will be stuck in the animation until you press SHIFT+RMB again)
    • Switch fire mode: SHIFT+LMB

    Oh, you noticed that there are 3 fire modes on the MP5? You have eagle eyes, don't you. That's right, we are introducing burst fire mode. The M16A4 now has Burst fire and single fire accordingly (as it should be for that model) and MP5 has 3 fire modes: single,burst and full auto.



    Yes, shooting is cool but shooting far is cooler!

    For that purpose we have optics, which got their own overhaul attention as well. Away with the black simplistic screen on the lens, hello the new sweet system of how scopes are presented. Scopes now have a more realistic effect of how you would look through them.


    Amazing, but hey what is that? You missed your target and now he moved in closer? Oh no, if only there is a way to quickly switch to iron sights for close combat engagement. Wait a minute... There is!


    That is right, on non railed scopes you can now easily switch between iron sights and scope view by simply pressing CTRL+RMB.

    There is also a new nifty feature introduced.

    You can now adjust the brightness on scope UI by simply holding down ALT and SCROLL WHEEL, and set it so it is most pleasing to your eyes or even remove it completely.




    Now what kind of a weapon update would it be without new weapons. Introducing 2 new weapons to the SCUM island! Well one and a half actually, you will get the joke in a second.


    Introducing the first weapon of the LMG family to the game! The RPK, a 7.62X39mm belt fed light machine gun, complete with a 75-round drum magazine. Just as it should be this magazine is interchangeable with regular AK47 magazines.


    Please take note that this is the first iteration of the RPK, more appropriate mechanics are coming to it soon!


    Now do you get it? Half? because it's chopped in half? I know, hilarious. Anyway not exactly a new weapon but cool nonetheless.


    A new shotgun! Well actually an old one, but new! It is a shortened version of M1887. It can fit in your backpack way easier and weighs less. Support for the ability to saw off the regular one into short is coming somewhere down the line.


    Kill, kill, kill with the cold blue steel! Enter the bayonets! Several rifles now have bayonet capabilities for that powerful melee thrust.

    The rifles eligible for bayonets are:

    • M16A4 with the N9 bayonet.
    • M1 Garand with the new M1 bayonet.
    • All of the classic AKs with the new M70 bayonet.
    • Kar9m with the new VZ24 bayonet.
    • Mosin Naganat with the new 91/30 bayonet.


    Simply equip the bayonet on your rifle and attack with MMB, but don't worry,you can still bash with SHIFT+MMB even though a bayonet is equipped.


    And last, but definitely not the least, the whole new Shooting from vehicles mechanic. We teased with it some while back now but it is finally here. Prepare for some high speed chases and drive-byes!


    As you can see, it is now entirely possible to shoot from vehicles. The driver can shoot with the handguns only, as he still needs one hand to drive. Safety first after all. The passengers are able to use rifled weapons to shoot.

    That is not all we have. You didn't think that drive by will be that easy I hope. We added the ability to shoot out tires and deal damage to engines. So if you see a clown car filled with 6 people shooting outside, feel free to shoot back.


    An example of mans worst enemy, flat tires.


    Your check engine light is on.

    Now, how do these damages affect the vehicle performance:

    • Flat tires make it easier to lose control and harder to accelerate and decelerate.
    • Engine damage makes your vehicle unable to start.

    Now if you are on the receiving end of these damages, aka one of the clowns in the clown car, you might wonder how to fix them.

    • Tires can be repaired by the "Tire repair kit", also there is an improvised version.
    • Engine block is repaired by the "Car repair kit".


    So get ready to start your engines! No, no wait. Someone shot them.


    Oh, don't think we are done here. These were all updates related to the weapons themselves, now we get to the rest of the good stuff!


    We know that the old throwing was a bit annoying, but don't worry, keep it going, because a new system we are bestowing.

    Out with the old in with the new, time to learn how to throw things anew.

    Ok the rhyme might be bad, but the new system is sweet.


    Every single throwable item has its own set of animations, whether they are one-handed or two-handed. This will provide a more immersive experience and give us a chance to add some more nifty mechanics.

    As for one handed items, you can now:

    • Long throw: by holding the throw button, now G by default.
    • Short throw: by pressing SHIFT+G.
    • Cook grenade: automatically applies as you hold the grenade.

    We have also added a prepare to throw mechanic. You can prepare grenades that you have in your inventory, so they can thrown at any time.

    How it works is as follows:


    • Have a grenade in your inventory and put it into a quickslot of your choice.


    • When set on a quickslot you will see a white hand icon, which you can press to make the item ready to throw.


    • Then at any time you want to throw the item just press G and the character will throw the said item. If you had anything in your hands before will be put in free inventory space, or empty back slot if eligible. The character will then pull the previous item back in hands. If there is no free space the item will be dropped in vicinity.


    • If perhaps you have multiple items you want to make ready to throw we have a solution for that as well. Add the other item to another free quickslot and check the white hand icon again.


    • Then simply switch between items by pressing the according number button to make ready to throw.


    • Keep in mind that if you have a throwable item in your hands, it always takes priority over whatever you have assigned.


    We have added some new changes and improvements. The team worked hard on these mechanics to bring a more pleasant experience to you.

    First off, we have something we like to call a Panini effect.


    On the left you can see the old FOV system and on the right you can see the FOV change with the Panini effect. As you can see the background of FOV still changes allowing adjustment to your preference, while the items in hand and hands them self are still in normal position.

    Keep in mind that there are some minor hiccups with the hands position and these will be rectified in future updates.

    We have also added an improved head bobbing effect to the game. In first person, especially while running, there was no weight to the character movement. With this effect we have achieved that weight and it feels more natural and immersive.


    If you don't like the new effect don't worry. We have also implemented a slider in the options to increase or decrease it however you want.

    With all of that, there are also new running walking and jogging animations. These you will see for yourselves.

    There are new weapon collision animations as well. Now when you are holding your weapon and approach walls or any barriers, no longer will your gun clip through it, but a nice and smooth animation will be played instead. It evens measures the distance to adjust the level of the rifle lean.


    Also we have added support for a highly requested feature, and you now have a bigger degree of depression to aim while prone.



    Melee weapons and combat also received some love. Overall melee weapons have been buffed and deal more damage to players. We have also added some much needed distinctions.

    • Two handed weapons are now slower but deal much more damage.
    • Bladed weapons do massive damage to other players but are weak against any type of armor
    • Blunt weapons deal less damage to players but have a higher KO chance and deal more damage to armored opponents.

    Armors are also set apart with these changes:

    • Stabproof vest now has excellent melee protection but poor ballistic protection.
    • Bulletproof vest now has poor melee protection but good ballistic protection.
    • Armored tactical vest has excellent overall protection. Be a tank.

    Better support for aiming with melee weapons while first person was also added, you should now hit exactly where your crosshair is.

    We have also added a new MMA event. So let's get rea...*copyrighted*



    Some changes to the lock system are incoming! So be aware!

    • Locks can now only be crafted, not purchased with fame.
    • Claim door mechanic has been removed, you just simply need to lock the door to make it your own.


    Audio gets it's love as well. Our capable sound team (Rale) made some amazing changes to your hearing experience.

    Improved HRTF

    We designed whole new system for head related transform function.

    This will enable you to pinpoint exact location of sound in space with greater accuracy. So now you will know exactly where that pesky sniper is shooting at you from and bring swift revenge upon him.

    Hearing damage effect
    Shooting from firearms creates blast that cannot be ignored. This will cause shooters hearing to be impaired for short amount of time.

    Duration and intensity of effect depends on weapon caliber and size of the room shooter is firing from.

    In open field effect will be minimal, but shooting from small room may impair you for good 15 seconds.

    Wear ear plugs, combat helmet or attach suppressor to weapon to avoid this.


    Death grunts
    Since we removed kill notifications, some notification on players death is in order. If a target falls into coma there will be no sound, but if the target dies outright, you'll hear the grunt. And it might haunt your dreams later. You monster.


    And of course we have more new items for you. Let's start off with the one you've all been waiting for.


    We teased it a while back, yet unfortunately it was not ready. Until now. Finally we are able to bring this amazing suit to all of you.




    We have also added a Camo wrap for your weapon for that maximum effect.


    M1 helmet

    No introduction needed, just play some classic 60s rock and enjoy the aesthetic.



    Improvised gear

    Added 3 new functional items to the crafting repertoire:

    • Improvised bulletproof vest
    • Improvised stabproof vest
    • Improvised raincoat



    Disclaimer: The gasmask is not in the game yet.

    New gloves

    You know all those gloves you have lost throughout the years? Well, we found them and put them in the game. Cheers.







    • Fixed the bug where the gunshots would sometimes hang on the server.
    • Fixed the bug where the Biker leather jacket was not repairable.
    • Fixed the bug where it would give wrong number of wires for advanced skill in bomb defusal minigame.
    • You can no longer exit vehicles when above 30km/h
    • Bobby pin package no disappears when it has 0 usages.
    • Chests can now be named by anyone when unlocked.
    • Fixed shadows on drones while invisible
    • Fixed the bug where the item in hand would stutter when exiting sprinting animation
    • Decreased car stuttering.
    • Changing the FOV no longer affects the scope zoom levels.
    • More level bugfixes.


    • Improved reflections.
    • Better temporal AA which should.provide less ghosting effect
    • More server client optimizations.
    • More streaming and loading optimizations.
    • Reduced the fuse timer on flashbangs.
    • Further balance of spawn points in events.


    • Added a new admin command #dumpallsquadsinfolist, which will copy all of the squads information to your clipboard
    • Admins can now remove locks from vehicles.


    That will be all from us for now, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful SCUM summer! See you when the hotfix drops.


    Patch notes -

    Yeap, another patch! We got some things ready for you all so let's get to it! But first, as per usual, here is the new update video.

    0.jpgYouTube™-Video: SCUM - Patch Update #6
    Aufrufe: 3.493
    The latest patch is live and is bringing ton of new stuff, bug fixes and additions! New traps, silent alarms, admin commands, server options and many more!


    We know you like traps, so why not bring more traps? Yeah, we got traps for days!

    Introducing 3 new non-lethal alarm trap systems:

    • Flare alarm trap
    • Firework alarm trap
    • Silent alarm trap


    So how do they work?
    Well, simple. You place one down and when a pesky intruder tries to cross into your property it notifies you to get ready.

    Flare alarm trap and firework alarm trap work the same. They are activated and the projectile gets shot in the air. Imagine the panic on the poor guy's face!

    But what if you don't want your enemy to know you know they are there? Well, first off Sun Tzu would be proud, secondly we have a solution for that. Presenting the new Silent alarm trap.

    How does it work?

    First off you will need a brand new item: the cellphone.


    When the pesky trespasser crosses into your territory and sets the trap off, you will receive a notification.


    You can also set name of each trap so you can know exactly which trap was set off.


    Ever wanted to lock pick, maybe try out some bomb defusal without blowing your body parts away?

    Good news! Now you can do that. We created 2 new items for you:

    • Practice bomb
    • Lockpicking board


    You can craft these with no skill, and have at it!

    After all practice makes perfect, so practice away.


    Ever wake up on the island, maybe had a rough night sleep and feel a bit drained?

    Like you are missing something, some sort of a ritual, that little pick me up to give you a kick to start off your day?

    Something like... hmmm coffee!


    Know those coffee machines around the island? Well now they actually work. Loot a couple and you might just find yourself a nice, maybe not so fresh, cup of coffee!

    Not only will it bring you comfort but it will also give you just a bit of an energy boost.


    We got some new admin commands for all of you private server owners, including one of the more requested features!

    Introducing #showotherplayerinfo and #showotherplayerlocations!

    What do they do?

    #showotherplayerinfo true/false

    This will show all online players and their names on the map. Not only that, but you can also simply just click on their little dot and it will teleport you straight to them. Neat!

    #showotherplayerlocations true/false

    This has more or less the same function but will only show the dots without player names.



    We have also made some addition to the #spawnitem command. You can now set the number of usages and health of the item when you spawn it. For an example, the commands now look like this:

    • #spawnitem Watermelon 1 Uses 50% Health 20%
    • #spawnitem Watermelon 1 Uses 3 Health 20%

    As you can see, you can use either percentage or the actual numeral to set the value of the item you want.

    And last but not least we have added a new parameters regarding gas consumption in the server config files:


    • Multiplier applied to the initial amount of gas in a gas station. 1.0 is default parameter(25 liters).


    • Multiplier applied to the maximum amount of gas in a gas station. 1.0 is default(150 liters).


    • Multiplier applied to how long it takes for gas stations to be replenished. 1.0 is default(every 2 minutes)


    • Multiplier applied to an amount of gas in a gas station that is replenished every replenish interval. 1.0 is default(1 liter).


    • Fixed the bug where you couldn't use the Kitchen knife to destroy chests.
    • Fixed the bug when crafting cantonese sweet and sour, optional ingredients would not be used.
    • Fixed the car pushing physics.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build foundations on top of cabins
    • Fixed the bug where stake pit traps were indestructible
    • Fixed the bug where cargo drops would not spawn in Single Player
    • Fixed the bug where carrying wooden logs would sometime make you a human cobra
    • Fixed the exploit where it was possible to search another player through walls
    • Fixed the bug where items would vanish if picked up too quickly
    • Fixed the bug where squad limit would be set to 0 till Squad leader came online
    • Fixed the bug where mine kills wont give you the "Claim Kill" option
    • Fixed the bug where achievements would not get updated
    • Fixed the bug where lighting fireworks would not use fire source usage
    • Fixed the bug where boombox would clip through floor when thrown


    • Added tutorial intro to the bomb defusal minigame
    • Adjusted lights on defusal minigame
    • Vehicle battery drain when starting engine, using horn, lights or radio is reduced by 50%
    • Sped up game time by 10%, allowing more diverse time of day during playtrough.
    • More optimizations


    That is all for now, enjoy the update and we will see you all next time!

    SCUM: Entwickler verschieben Update 0.4 - Neue WIP-Infos


    Der größere Patch von SCUM - also Update 0.4 - lässt weiter auf sich warten wie die Entwickler von Gamepires vor wenigen Tagen verraten haben. Doch es gibt einen kleinen Trost..

    Ja ihr lest richtig. Das Update 0.4 und der damit verbundene Server-Wipe wurden verschoben. Geplant waren sie in den nächsten 2-3 Wochen, doch daraus wird nichts. Unsere letzten Infos dazu sind schon länger her, wie man hier im Artikel dazu lesen kann, die Entwickler müssen diesen aber einen Riegel vorschieben. Bunny, einer aus dem Entwickler-Team und zuständig für die Steam-Forum-Moderation sowie das Beantworten von Fragen dort, hat sich vor zwei Tagen zur Thematik geäußert.

    Laut Bunny muss das Update nach hinten verschoben werden, weil noch einige Features, die damit kommen sollten, nicht ganz fertig sind. Wie man der SCUM Roadmap entnehmen kann, ist noch viel offen hinsichtlich der Entwicklung, Features und Inhalten, die kommen sollen. Das heißt aber nicht, das wir mit keinen Patch bis dahin rechnen müssen. Ganz im Gegenteil: Es sollen davor noch kleinere Patches folgen.

    Was wir bisher zu möglichen Inhalten für Update 0.4 wissen ist, das es wohl Änderungen an den Schlössern geben könnte, die künftig Skill - und Zutaten-basiert sein werden. Das heißt: So wie es aktuell ist, das ihr dafür eine bestimmte Anzahl an Ruhmpunkten zur Herstellung benötigt, wird es nicht mehr funktionieren. Wenn man dem letzten Leak von Tomislav Pongrac glaubt, könnte es auch Neuheiten bei der Puppet-AI sowie ein neues Feature, was Fahrzeug-Türen öffnen lässt, geben.

    Das Update wird aber vermutlich, man kann bisher davon ausgehen, haufenweise Optimierungen und Bug Fixes beinhalten. Durchaus denkbar wäre auch die langersehnte Veröffentlichung der Waffenstörungen, Pistolen-Holster und Ghillies, die im Development Update #11 im Januar vorgestellt wurden.

    Und warum dieses Artikelbild?

    Ganz einfach. Dieses Bild stamm aus einem aktuellen Video von RayKit. Wir hatten erst überlegt, euch darüber in einem zusätzlichen Artikel zu schreiben, hielten es aber dafür zu wenig an Infos. Aus diesem Grund kommt hier nun dies als kleine Vertröstung bezüglich dem verschobenen Update 0.4. Die Entwickler arbeiten, so kann man es dem Video (ab 5:20) entnehmen, an 100 neuen Animationen. Neben den Animationen, die sich unter anderem auch auf das Werfen einer Granate im Spiel auswirken werden, soll es noch Reworks für Gebäude sowie neue Ruinen geben. Die SCUM Entwickler betiteln dies als "Graphics Package" und "Environment Overhaul. Es ist aber noch alles Work In Progress, sprich noch nicht final umgesetzt und entsprechend mit Vorsicht zu genießen.

    Hallo Scum Spieler,

    hier ist mal ne Abstimmung/ Umfrage von Nöten.

    Wie ihr wisst stehen in nächster Zeit Änderungen in dem Spiel an und so wie es ausschaut werden wir wohl nicht ohne das eine oder andere Wipe auskommen.

    Es kommt von seiten des HERSTELLER HAUPTSÄCHLICH!

    Wir hier beim Rentner Treff würden dann in betracht ziehen auch evtl. ein Wipe zu machen ( Weil es halt nicht anders geht, alleine um einige Bugs zu beseitigen ).

    Ihr kennt es ja nach jedem grösseren Update schleichen sich halt einige Problemchen ein.

    Also dann mal alle bitte einmal abstimmen bitte.

    Für weitere Fragen und anderes schreibt ein Ticket auf unsere Homepage und oder kommt ins TS in dem Support Channel.

    Wir Majo11, MacGyver, Defender, Totti und Ich (Rene/Panik) stehen mit Rat und TAT zur Verfügung.

    Viel Spass noch weiterhin hier bei Scum und bei dem Rentner Treff.........:thumbup::thumbup::saint:

    Fighters! Important announcement!


    Recent Windows 10 updates have caused many different problems for Deadside players. As it turned out, the problem is global and similar difficulties are experienced by users of other games that run on Windows 10





    4 Std.

    Hey guys, we are still working on the new patch release! We squashed many bugs, and optimized the game. However, there are few bugs remaining that we still need to squish. The update is scheduled to be released early next week. Thank you for your patience!

    So es schaut wie folgt aus ...!

    Das Event findet am Samstag ca 19:30 Uhr statt...

    Anmeldungen bitte hier !!!!!!

    Wir brauchen mindestens 6 Spieler .



    Today we want to reveal to you that we’re opening official test server. Every upcoming big update will be tested on separate server first, especially those that will consist of the changes for gameplay, netcode and other important mechanics of the game.

    Heute möchten wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir den offiziellen Testserver öffnen. Jedes bevorstehende große Update wird zuerst auf einem separaten Server getestet, insbesondere diejenigen, die aus den Änderungen für das Gameplay, den Netcode und andere wichtige Mechanismen des Spiels bestehen.


    18 Std. ·

    Friends, while our programmers are working on improving the performance of the game and problems with duplicates of items, the art department continues to increase the content.

    Many weapons samples are almost finished and we will gradually begin to introduce you to them. Today we are happy to present to your attention OC-14 "Groza" assault rifle

    Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

    Google Übersetzung:!!!!!!

    Freunde, während unsere Programmierer daran arbeiten, die Leistung des Spiels und Probleme mit Duplikaten von Gegenständen zu verbessern, erhöht die Kunstabteilung den Inhalt weiter.

    Viele Waffenproben sind fast fertig und wir werden Sie nach und nach vorstellen. Heute freuen wir uns, Ihnen das OC-14 "Groza" Sturmgewehr vorstellen zu können

    Moin alle zusammen,

    So..... mal was schönes für unsere Spieler,

    Wir haben ein etwas grösseres Event vor mit euch .

    Das Event ist geplant zwischen dem 15.-17.05.2020

    Was ihr mitbringen solltet ist:

    1) Know How bzgl. crafting

    2) Zeit

    3) Euren Verstand ( ja Verstand auch wenn es für manche schwer wird :P )


    Was noch viel wichtiger ist : Ich muss zusagen haben, denn es klappt nur wenn genügend Spieler mitmachen.

    Bitte meldet euch hier im Forum an oder im TS !!!!!!

    Viel Spass weiter

    euer Admin Team :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: