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    Rust Spieler seit heute ist in regelmässigen Abständen der Weihnachtsmann unterwegs und bringt

    riesige Geschenke auf die Map ,

    Wenn ihr ihn also seht einfach auf das HOHOHO und den Schlitten achten !

    Die geschenke lohnen sich wirklich .

    Kam mit dem letzten Update dazu ,also schleunigst rauf aufn Server und den Adventskalender nicht vergessen Türchen uff





    LG EuerM4nStop

    First Person Legs
    Garry Newman

    This is something we've wanted to do for a long time and now it's done. You'll be able to look down and see your legs.


    When doing this we started off changing the controls quite dramatically, so when you looked down you actually leaned forward and down. This was a nice solution because it stopped the camera clipping inside the player model.

    Ultimately we decided that it stopped feeling like a proper first person game. So it should really feel 100% like it always did, except you have a body when you look down.

    There is probably one big place you'll feel the difference, and that's when sitting. For example, when you're on a horse when you look to the side you'll now lean slightly. This is required because you'd see down your own neck without it, but it actually feels kind of nice.

    Load Times Optimization
    Garry Newman

    The speed difference between an SSD and a HDD is staggering when it comes to Rust. HDD's are slow as hell.

    One of our benchmark tests is called Bootstrap. It records how long it takes from boot to get to the main menu. Here's our results.

    High Spec SSD

    Med Spec HDD

    Low Spec HDD

    Bootstrap (November Update)

    8 seconds

    2 minutes

    4 minutes

    Bootstrap (December Update)

    6 seconds

    46 seconds

    1 minute

    As you can see we've got some decent improvements here. We'll keep trying to improve, but if you don't already have an SSD you should add it to your list for Santa.

    World Streaming
    André Straubmeier

    The world in Rust consists of many objects. We disabled their renderers when they were far away from the camera, but we still kept their game objects around at all times to quickly toggle them without much overhead. This had some negative effects on memory usage, physics performance and world load times. To address these I've implemented a world streaming system to dynamically add and remove the actual game objects as you move around the world. On a 4k map with recent hardware this ended up saving 400MB+ of memory, 1ms+ of frame time and 10s+ of world load time. On larger maps or lower end hardware the gains are even more significant.

    Exploit and Hack Fixes
    André Straubmeier

    We have fixed a number of exploits that could be abused by hacks, both over the course of the month and in the update today. There is some info in the change list but it's generally better not to go into too much detail with these types of fixes, so you'll have to take our word for it.

    Monument Mesh Optimizations
    Diogo Teixeira

    A few patches ago we rolled out some mesh optimizations that managed to save us around 700 MB of memory footprint. This month we extended that optimization to any monument geometry that fit a predetermined complexity criteria. This allowed us an additional saving of 600 MB across our entire mesh base. Our runtime mesh usage is still fairly high at ~1.6 GB but we've reached the limit of how much we can compress without affecting performance under our current limitations. We'll be focusing additional mesh memory saving and streaming efforts on the HDRP version.

    More Texture Streaming
    Diogo Teixeira

    This month's monument mesh optimizations allowed us to add another 1 GB of textures to the streaming pool. This won't translate directly to savings because we deciced to keep our target VRAM usage for each quality level. It does mean, however, that since we have more space for textures streaming in and out of memory, there's now room for higher quality textures using the same memory.

    Player Dressing Optimizations
    Diogo Teixeira

    This long overdue optimization involved replacing the way we process and replace hair meshes during player dressing. Our hair meshes were both wasting memory and costing us up to 1/4th of the time spent dressing/building player equipment, every time a player spawned. These meshes are now highly compressed, costing us the absolute minimum, and dressing cost is virtually zero. There is still a big overhead in parts of player dressing which will be addressed in coming patches.

    Horse Improvements
    Maurino Berry

    I spent a long time this month trying to improve horses and made a significant amount of progress! It is much easier to navigate on rocks and around radtowns now as horses have a step up/down threshold.

    Unfortunately this has lead to a few weird instances where horses might do things like teleport on top of signs or align themselves strangely when indoors. This is being fixed but at the end of the day the general feel and usability of the horses has improved so much we decided to release it anyway, expect another fix soon.

    Bug Fixes
    Adam Woolridge

    I also made a bunch of other general bug fixes and improvements that don't need their own separate blog sections, so check the changelist for all the details.

    Change List 222
    Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2019

    • Added Instrument DLC
    • You can now see your body when you look down
    • Added admin.killplayer <playername>
    • Added admintime - which allows an admin to change their local time
    • Replaced admin.mutevoice/admin.mutechat with admin.mute (mutes both)
    • Can also mute sleeping players
    • Added admin.mutelist
    • Can call combatlog command from rcon/console
    • Added camzoomspeed and camlookspeed for debug camera (cinematography)
    • Added world grid / world streaming (load time, memory and performance optimization)
    • Global chat can now be disabled using the muteglobal convar, or in the interface options. This allows you to disable global chat but keep team chat and server messages
    • Added a "Copy Text" chat popup menu item, which will copy the selected message and username to your clipboard
    • Reduced seeded player scale differences to make things fairer
    • Dedicated server startup is less spammy
    • Fixed scrap transport helicopter exploit
    • Fixed deployable placement exploit / hack
    • Fixed rare case when entity could remain parented after leaving parenting trigger
    • Fixed rare server error after entity left parenting trigger
    • Fixed rare error when canceling loading mid world transfer
    • Fixed several sign exploits / hacks
    • Fixed several weapon exploits / hacks
    • Fixed a crash when players with their OS set to certain languages receive a team invite
    • Fixed items with very long names being truncated incorrectly and looking rubbish
    • Fixed supply signal visual effect not always displaying correctly
    • Ground footstep sound effects no longer play when scuba diving and walking on sea bed
    • Players can no longer access Christmas tree items in building blocked areas (no more stealing)
    • Fixed the team UI showing the original (non-streamer mode) player name when receiving a team invite. Same for the chat notification
    • Fixed glass of ignited lanterns invisible when viewed through reinforced glass windows
    • Fixed footsteps missing / stop when the player is culled
    • Fixed see through water when jumping / alt look while on a boat
    • Fixed wrecked sedan and warehouse instances on HapisIsland
    • Fixed pink military tunnel materials on HapisIsland
    • Fixed lighting issues with some semi-transparent models under fluorescent bulbs
    • Load times should be much improved for non SSD users
    • Dedicated server output messages are formatted differently
    • Server sends a chat message when a user is banned due to anti-cheat
    • Reduced chance of tree marker jumping to other side of tree after being hit
    • Bumped immediate network visibility distance to 128m (from 64m) to give more notice for SAM sites
    • Optimized player hair mesh memory and dressing performance
    • Optimized monument mesh memory
    • Added more textures to streaming pool
    • Can no longer order servers by wipe date due to abuse by server owners

    Adventskalender 2019 für Rust Spieler

    Hi leute ich wollte nur anmerken das die Preise nicht ausschließlich nur für Arma 3 sind

    selbst verfreilich werden die Preise für Rust Spieler angepasst ,

    es lohnt sich bis zum schluss fleissig mitzurätzeln und viel spaß dabei ,

    und schon mal ein Dank an Mac Gyver der sich wie in jedem Jahr wieder irrsinnig reingehangen hat :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    @aka M4nStop

    • Added team chat.
    • Added chat pop-up menu when clicking a chat message.
    • Added chat muting.
    • Added "mutelist", "unmute" and "unmuteall" console commands.
    • Added Hover Loot, default keybind is hold H.
    • Can now hold down on the Give, Take and Drink buttons to automatically transfer water.
    • Added new map marker for multiple vending machines in close proximity
    • Added teleportlos admin console command to teleport along the line of sight
    • Can open debug log file from console screen
    • Added in game report system (halloween patch)
    • Added notification system on main menu
    • Added Medium Battery
    • Added "rWm/Rust Watt Minutes" energy storage system
    • Added manual Depth of Field mode
    • Fixed the delay before firing the second shot with each new bow.
    • It is no longer possible to accidentally drop an item in the space between your inventory and your belt.
    • Fixed several ways in which the chat window could get stuck open, without input, leaving you unable to move or chat.
    • Improved reliability of tree harvesting mini-game
    • Fixed hot air balloon parenting exploit
    • Fixed late entity pop in when moving very fast
    • Fixed minicopters floating in the air if the ground they were resting on was destroyed
    • Fixed horses floating in the air if the ground they were resting on was destroyed
    • Increased horse frame budget from 0.334ms to 1ms (smoother horses)
    • Fixed Cargoship hull interior culling on low object quality
    • Fixed missing dune meshes at the water well
    • Fixed small refinery placement on ice, rocks and uneven surfaces
    • Fixed deploying on Cargoship rudder
    • Fixed compound awning culling
    • Loot actions are now queued so that items are looted one after another, instead of simultaneously.
    • You can now right click an inventory item to move it to your belt.
    • You can now drag items directly into/between locker slots without having to swap sets first.
    • Added clothing icon to locker clothing slots.
    • Extensive rework of monument LODs
    • Campfire flames and smoke now move directly upward, even if placed on a slope.
    • Large furnace can be placed on world layer (rocks)
    • Small water catchers can now be placed on construction

    Es gab einen kompletten Wipe auf dem [EU-PVE]Der Rentner Treff Map Wipe 07.11 21:30 CET

    Der PVP Server wurde wie jedem Monat Full Gewiped

    Du denkst vielleicht noch nicht

    über betreutes Wohnen nach.

    Aber zum Eingewöhnen fangen wir hier bei DRT

    mal mit betreutem Feiern an . ^^^^

    Lass dich richtig doll feiern und bleib gesund und munter wie immer

    Alles alles gute von mir .

    M4nStop :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Also Holly ich hätte den letzten Satz anders ausgedrückt (ich hab ausgedrücktgesagteinfachso)

    Eher so an diejenigen "Soll euch doch der Blitz beim Schei... treffen " XD

    Die konnten auch damals in der Schule so wie heute in der Arbeit "IHREN NAMEN TANZEN"

    So :D

    Boah mann lasst doch mal die Rentner Admins und Admäninnen in ruhe ,

    ich schliesse mich voll und ganz dem Jürgen an das ist nicht nur ne Frechheit sondern auch sehr sehr Respektlos solche sachen zu behaupten .

    Die Mädels und Jungs machen einen Erstklassigen job in ihrer kostbaren Freizeit ,also sollten sich doch diese jenigen doch geschlossen halten und mal

    überlegen bevor die den Mund aufmachen !

    Und an Support egal wo mangelt es NIE

    Meine Fresse sowas regt mich auf wenn ich sowas lese !!! <X

    Daddel und alle Beteiligten vom Rentner Treff ihr seid einfach die BESTEN das IST und BLEIBT so basta !

    Meine Daumen sind oben für euch .