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    Hey Survivors,

    we just released Alpha 18.3 b4 language patch to stable. The patch has full language support for English, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The release also has many great bug fixes and improvements. Read on for more details.


    Official 18.3 Bug reporting Thread


    • Full localization support for English, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
    • Console command wsmats has been added to allow players to modify the current amount of smelted materials in workstations for debugging
    • Bookcase is now available as a paintable texture
    • Terrain at Lowest or Low quality reduces shader layer blending to 2 or 3
    • FOV display option is reenabled and has a default button
    • Backpack friction and bounce settings
    • Backpack logging was added for better tracking
    • We added font support for all current localizations
    • Flying mode can now move faster (sprint) in all directions
    • Trader Jen now has her own unique voice


    • It takes more casino tokens to smelt/craft bullet casings
    • All electrical devices (blocks) have a minimum consumption of 1W
    • Better stat display on bandages were
    • Reduced grass fade out distance so fade is visible
    • A sewing kit is now required for first aid kits
    • Renamed Tree Quality option to Object Quality
    • Renamed Grass Distance option values to Low, Medium, High and added Lowest
    • Adjusted grass distance fade to match grass distance option
    • The grass shader was optimized
    • Enabled FOV console command again
    • Adjusted video quality options UI layout to reflect recent changes
    • modArmorBandolier can be now also be installed in leg armor
    • Improved claw foot tub colliders


    • Clients do now see an admin star for the host
    • Loading mod localization for a localization category that does not exist in vanilla no longer causes KeyNotFoundExceptions
    • Removing leg collision from table custom shapes so projectiles can now pass through again
    • The wrench now plays an animation on cntMunitionsBox and decoHandTruck
    • Shotgun slugs do scrap to polymer
    • Stun Baton Schematic had an error corrected
    • Rabbits are no longer making a swinging sound when they shouldn’t
    • Deer now scare easier
    • Fuel placed in any fuel slot does now allow to start crafting in workstations
    • Many grass types sway with wind and adjusted sway
    • We fixed the EndOfStreamException that results in loss of base, workstations, and items due to chunk resetting
    • There is no longer an error spam showing up in the dedi’s terminal window on startup
    • Players are once again able to press W to purchase perks in the skills screen.
    • Opening the playerscreen in a vehicle no longer results in a standing character
    • The decorative car parts now have proper material and parts
    • Needle and thread vol 3 does now correctly unlock running shoes
    • Arrows and crossbow bolts now properly penetrate water and collide the terrain underwater
    • Items in crafting queue do now survive changes to items.xml
    • The effect on modGunDrumMagazineExtender now matches description
    • Wookie suit now states correct unlock requirement
    • Cars no longer look like they were slammed in the ground in wild rotations, though some usecase still makes this happen
    • Tripwire can now be repaired
    • Armour Plating recipe values are now using the correct values
    • Terrain Quality are no longer locked, but need a restart to fully activate
    • The collider and hitbox on the swingset are way better now
    • We increased MaxSpawnedZombies default to 64 to match the BloodMoonEnemyCount
    • We updated comments to serverconfig.xml and tooltips for MP zombie spawn settings
    • Another vehicle and junk turret dupe was fixed
    • Exploding arrows and bolt sfx now stops during SP pause
    • Fuel added to a 4×4 is now properly working for everybody
    • Item mod buffs no longer remain active if a modded item was dropped from the toolbar
    • Corrected wrong perk descriptions for master chef
    • Vehicle and players do no longer desync after jumping off and on quickly in a short amount of time
    • Players who logged in no longer witness players who were on a vehicle already in funny poses.
    • Player as passenger keep their hands off the steering wheel


    Vanilla Server ist UpToDate


    Kein schlechter Gedanke NIco, ist nur die Frage (sorry ich kenne mich mit Servertechnik nicht wirklich aus) ob die

    erhofften Verbesserungen der Performance so signifikant sind das sie auch lohnt.

    Im Grunde also keine Einwände meinerseits, vielleicht können Jensi und ich dann wieder zocken ohne alle 5 Minuten gekickt zu werden.



    Auf welchem Server ist das mit dem Kick und welche Meldung kommt da.

    Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk


    Finde die Idee garnicht so schlecht aber wir richten uns da nach den Spielern.

    Auch könnte man generell mal über Veränderungen nachdenken wie Preisanpassungen, wenn es zu leicht ist.


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    Grundsätzlich kein Thema.

    Heißt dann 1 Mod und 1 normal Server ?

    Perks etc kann der Entsprechende Admin selbst einstellen also Dani oder Parci wenn nicht bescheid sagen dann mach ich das



    Maximales Strukturlimit der Mod Schiffsklasse Galleone Warship vom Atlas Shipwright Mod erhöht.


    Sehr cool 😎

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    Upload läuft

    Passwort steht im VIP Forum Bereich

    Sobald Server ON könnt Ihr drauf da die Einstellungen aktuell exakt die selben sind wie beim Publik

    Sollte ON sein

    Verbindungs Information:
    Query Info:
    RCON Info:

    Hi Zusammen

    Da es mal wieder Überhand nimmt.

    Wer Support braucht geht bitte im TS in den richtigen Channel. Und ein freier Supporter oder Admin wird kommen. Es kann aber auch sein das dieses mal etwas länger dauert oder der Zuständige Admin garnicht da ist. Dann bitte warten

    Das Anpingen im TS wird nun deaktiviert da einige Spieler direkt aus der Eingangshalle etc einfach irgendeinen Anschreiben, dieses ist nicht Zielführend.

    VIP haben immer die Möglichkeit einen Admin anzuschreiben.


    Das ist mir egal ich glaube wir haben auch garnicht soviele VIPler die Conan zocken

    Fakt ist das ab 20 Slot Conan glaube am Ende ist wie bei anderen Games auch siehe 7 DayS To Die, Emporium etc