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    Undead Legacy 2.4 goes stable for A19.5 b60!

    Compatibility with old saves is unknown/untested! Proceed with caution when trying to load old saves, make backups and all that stuff!

    Patch notes


    • Added Chinese localization by (thanks to zberone)
    • Added AUC-1 Combat Rifle
    • Added R90 Submachine Gun
    • Added Scrap Shotgun
    • Added Vindicator Shotgun
    • Added Peacekeeper Shotgun
    • Added new model for vanilla Pump Shotgun
    • Added Junk Pistol
    • Added Scrap Pistol
    • Added item group icon for schematics
    • Added security check to prevent picking up blocks within non-owned, non-ally LCB area
    • Added check for recipe ingredients with installed mods to show up in yellow
    • Added schematic requirement to crafting Minibike, Motorcycle, Car and Truck repair kits
    • Added schematic requirement to craft Advanced Repair Kit
    • Added ability to pick up grave stones
    • Added recipe to fill bucket from plastic bottles
    • Added ability to harvest Military Fiber with Wasteland Treasures book series Completed from repairable military trucks
    • Added controller support for scrolling inventory or storage with right analog stick
    • Added controller support for lockpicking
    • Added missing vanilla English localization for several animal and zombie names
    • Added ability to pick up decoCarTireSmallFlat, decoCarTireFlat, decoCarTirePile, decoCarTireStack


    • Updated Undead Legacy for Alpha 19.5 (b60)
    • Increased item quality range from 6 to 90
    • Increased item quality tier range from E->A->S to H->A->S
    • Increased all zombie HP
    • Restructured loot.xml completely
    • Restructured traders.xml completely
    • Restructured recipes.xml completely
    • Updated Korean localization (thanks to Jellyman)
    • Updated Russian localization (thanks to KelThuZer)
    • Updated Info Screen for items, blocks, buffs, crafting entry
    • Updated Item Info Panel icon background sprite to be more minimalistic
    • Updated block stat entry icons in Info Panel
    • Updated FAR-1 Combat Rifle sounds
    • Updated Schematics Master item
    • Updated typeSchematics localization
    • Updated Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Pie, Corn Bread, Corn On The Cob, Boiled Egg, Hobo Stew, Meat Stew, Gumbo Stew, Spaghetti, Sham Chowder, Vegetable Stew recipes to give back empty jars
    • Updated Grandpas Learning Elixir, Pumpkin Cheesecake recipes to give back empty jars
    • Updated Grandpas Learning Elixir, Shepards Pie, Fish Gravy Toast, Chili Dog, Gumbo Stew, Spaghetti, Sham Chowder, Fish Tacos, recipes to give back empty cans
    • Updated descriptions for storage pocket mods to be more accurate
    • Updated localization for backpack mods to be more accurate
    • Increased Animal Harvesting, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance action skill gain by 100%
    • Increased Lockpicking action skill gain by 40%
    • Increased Assassin, Missions, Pain Resistance action skill gain by 25%
    • Increased Trading action skill gain by 20%
    • Increased Sneaking action skill gain by 10%
    • Rebalanced economic values of Gunpowder ingredients
    • Rebalanced all armor, bow, arrow, crossbow, crossbow bolt and rocket launcher stats
    • Rebalanced Carpenters Axe stats
    • Rebalanced sledge and junk turret stats
    • Rebalanced stun baton stats, increased damage
    • Rebalanced quality research to take into account new quality levels
    • Changed Trader min and max stock from 30-70 to 50-100
    • Changed Trader close time from 21:50 to 21:55
    • Changed Boiled Water recipe from snow to be more expensive
    • Changed Snow Blocks to be more durable
    • Changed Empty Fuel Barrel to be crafted in Blacksmiths Forge Tier 2
    • Changed Auger, Jackhammer and Valkyrie drill to require new Powered Tool Quality research
    • Changed POIs: Fire Station 02, Waterworks
    • Changed new and old wood spikes to be a single block with block shapes selector
    • Changed localization for ulmResourceScrapSteel, ulmCollectorOilPumpActive, ulmCollectorOilPumpHarvest, ulmCollectorOreActive, ulmCollectorOreHarvest
    • Changed chance to find Tier 2 and 3 Workstation Schematics to be much rarer
    • Changed Empty Info Panel UI
    • Changed beds to use new pickup mechanic with ownership check
    • Changed Bedroll to be repaired with Cloth
    • Changed all beds and mattresses to act as spawn points and they can be picked up
    • Changed Hospital and Gurney beds when placed to act as spawn points
    • Changed Deco Squirrel and bed frames now can be picked up
    • Changed Scrap Iron Weapons and Tools now require Scrap Iron when repaired
    • Changed Wood Log burn time to be balanced in relation to Firewood
    • Changed Gunpowder carry weight
    • Changed Firewood Carry Weight from .25 to .1
    • Changed Stone Powder craft time from Large Stones from 5 to 2 seconds
    • Changed 6x2 loot containers to 4x3
    • Changed starter gear to ignore loot abundance setting
    • Changed Deployable vehicle group to Science instead of Miscellaneous
    • Changed Bookshelves to have a higher chance to spawn Old Books
    • Changed Traders to have a higher chance to sell more varied ranged weapons
    • Changed weight of 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammo
    • Changed economic value for Frying Pan, Saw Blade, Morning Star and Brinx's Fury
    • Changed Frying Pan and Brinx's Fury to be sellable to trader
    • Changed 6x1 loot containers to 4x2
    • Changed Junk Turret and Sledge Turret, Pressure Plate, Motion Sensor, Generator Bank, Nailgun, Metal Letters, Blade Trap, Cement Mixer, Battery Bank, Speaker, Electric Fence Post, Vault Door, Powered Vault Door, Powered Hatch, Rolling Garage Door, Steel Garage Door, Iron Garage Door, Stun Baton, Steel Armor, Drawer, Munitions Box, Gun Safe, Metal Containers, Dumpster recipes
    • Optimized core asset bundle size
    • Optimized custom PBR shaders
    • Optimized xpath definitions for blocks.xmls
    • Improved how block Light Opacity stat is displayed
    • Reduce amount of gained snow per snow block
    • Reduced bed02 economic value
    • Reduced Mattress health to 100hp
    • Simplified research module loot groups Increased Log Table weight
    • Reduced steel cost of crafting Steel Knuckles
    • Slightly reduced chance to find wrenches
    • Bellows Schematic can now be researched
    • Extended party window list size in UI from 7 to 10
    • Converted ItemInfoWindow PatchScripts to Harmony
    • Converted VehicleContainer PatchScripts to Harmony


    • Reduced cricket bat, bone club, wood club damage
    • Removed stack number display in UI for items and blocks that don't stack
    • Removed recipe for burning shaft mod and ability to obtain said recipe
    • Removed single wood spike block, wood spikes now require branches
    • Removed quality levels for Engines (created more confusion than sense)
    • Removed Blunderbuss and Blunderbuss ammo from loot/trader/crafting
    • Removed ability to craft decoCarWheelFlat
    • Removed ability to craft decoCarTireSmallFlat, decoCarTireFlat, decoCarTirePile, decoCarTireStack
    • Removed ability to craft Rex Blade or Brinx's Fury
    • Removed the need for Stun Baton Parts
    • Removed Steel Armor Parts

    Twitch Integration:

    • Added additional commands for twitch integration
    • Changed existing twitch integration commands
    • Reduced twitch bounty build up from 15% to 5% of actions used
    • Changed UI for twitch integration side window
    • Increased max visible twitch command list from 10 to 14
    • Changed Twitch Integration to hide commands when in Safe Zone or Paused
    • Replaced Bone Shiv to Pocket Knife in twitch loot
    • Updated twitch supplies for weapons, tools and ammo to have new items as well


    • Fixed action skill milestones not unlocking 10mm, 5.56mm and 7.92mm ammo HP and AP recipes
    • Fixed Mineral Water Jar recipe requiring Empty Jars instead of Boiled Water Jars
    • Fixed item icon being under durability bar in player inventory
    • Fixed Vehicle Control Option Toggle Siren missing UI background
    • Fixed Player Farm Plots giving Potassium Nitrate Powder
    • Fixed Steel Shovel Schematic having an icon tint overlay
    • Fixed missing localization for typeCFDrinkCooking
    • Fixed some Action Perks continue to level beyond level 100
    • Fixed Concrete Reinforcement economic value being too low
    • Fixed SMG Parts missing in loot and trader
    • Fixed Mining Helmet localization for description
    • Fixed Brawler perk giving a lot of block damage
    • Fixed Scrap Axe having wrong base damage assigned
    • Fixed doors with glass giving hinges and other resources instead of broken glass
    • Fixed rolling pin having wrong stamina use assigned
    • Fixed frying pan having wrong stamina use assigned, reduced damage
    • Fixed Steel Combat Knife having wrong material assigned
    • Fixed rare error regarding displaying crafting ingredient
    • Fixed non empty shopping baskets missing loot
    • Fixed game controller hints being under the top navigation background
    • Fixed misaligned game controller icons in top page header
    • Fixed misaligned game controller icons in the item info panel
    • Fixed silenced sounds for some of the custom guns
    • Fixed ulmBedMattressVariantHelper showing inaccurate block stats
    • Fixed missing localization for ulmLightTrackPlayer
    • Fixed short loot time when looting ambulance or service trucks compared to other vehicles
    • Fixed not being able to repair cardboard box pallets and stacks
    • Fixed not being able to upgrade metalReinforcedDoorWooden to Metal Door
    • Fixed Bone Shiv secondary attack speed being too fast
    • Fixed equipment items not comparing to already equipped items like in vanilla
    • Fixed missing suffix for some gun fire rate stat
    • Fixed Ski Goggles agility stat missing icon
    • Fixed Mobility stat on Armor and mods showing up incorrectly
    • Fixed unused Toxic Resistance stat showing up on armor
    • Fixed Ore Extractor missing chance to give Saltpeter Ore
    • Fixed deployable vehicles showing additional inaccurate stat
    • Fixed Bellows recipe not requiring a schematic
    • Fixed Lead Battery repair exploit (repairing battery restored it to full charge)
    • Fixed vanilla Motorcycle incorrect player seating and leg positions
    • Possible fix for other players being able to pick up the same block within the pick up time limit

    Hallo Zusammen

    Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen den Mod Server auch auf einen der Starken Roots umzuziehen da der alte leichte Probleme hatte.

    Es haben sich dadurch ein Stark die Neustart Zeiten geändert, es geht um Welten schneller ;)

    Dadurch hat sich die IP geändert mehr aber nicht ;)

    Viel Spaß weiterhin


    Es wurden einige Fehler heute früh behoben und Mods neue hinzugefügt wie Planecrash zB

    Desweiteren habe ich das Teleport Script geupt und gekauft

    VIel Spaß Server hat nun keinerlei Fehler mehr im Log und sollte keine Probs machen

    The PC test server will be taken offline at 2pm CEST today in preparation for the release of DeSalle. We will update everyone once the test server is live later today.